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Snapper Memory Pairs Review

Classic children’s card game turned digital and against the clock. Improve your memory under pressure and share your scores on facebook. Here at Droid Gamers, I find it my duty to give a completely unbiased opinion of the games I review. I intend to carry on doing what I think is right, but I shall also try to point out some rather important facts.

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Mini Army by OrangePixel Review

Orange Pixel, creators of the awesome 4 color retro-style Time Chaos as well as a bunch of other titles return to wow their audience with miniature military mayhem in a classic Snake style game called Mini Army. Do you have what it takes to lead your men into battle? Kill enemies, grow your troops and see how big you can get without losing!

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Sinister Planet by Neolithic Software Review


Let’s be honest here: most games nowadays are clones or stick to a proven formula with – at best, a new gimmick or a novel option to distinguish them from the competition. Occasionally, however, a developer will stray far enough from the crowd to really put a fresh spin on a genre; Neolithic Software has done that with Sinister Planet, a retro space shooter now available on the Android Market.


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Fart For Your Life Review

Every once in a great while, a company will release a game that simply changes everything. A game that is so well designed it is universally lauded. A game with a plot so innovative it makes Memento look like a steaming pile of bland. A game that is just pure awesome. This is not that game.

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MiniSquadron Review

Bi-planes, jets, UFOs, guns, explosions and Beethoven… or is it Mozart? I’m not too sure. MiniSquadron combines them all into one beautifully crafted game. Now, I bet you’re wondering how Mozart and Beethoven can possibly go together with explosions and planes. Well, my friends, I’ll tell you how!

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Violence against fruit – The Fruit Ninja Review

“Ninjas hate fruit”. I think I missed that memo, but it definitely provides a great basis for an awesome game. Fruit Ninja, developed by Halfbrick, is a fruit chopping game that tests your agility and dexterity. Just be sure to only cut the fruit and don’t cut any bombs, or else… blow up which means the fruit wins and you fail as a Ninja.

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Guns’N’Glory by HandyGames Review

Do you love tower defense games? If you do then Guns’n’Glory is definitely a game you should pick up. This game is tower defense from a Wild, Wild West perspective. Settlers are moving into your turf and they are brining money with them. So it’s your job to liberate them of that heavy burden and to use the money you “earn” to increase the size of your gang.

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Abduction! 2 by Psym Mobile Review

Any iPhone user should have heard of Doodle Jump, and now every Android user should hear of the name Abduction! 2. This new game by Psym Mobile offers the same simplistic joy of jumping as high as you can, and also throws in a storyline (more of a objective type system) where you can save your cute animal friends and get to the goal in record time.

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Card Ace: Blackjack Review

Ahhhh Poker, the many forms of it have kept people entertained for years. Finally there is a good version of one of the most well known types out on the market. Blackjack is a simple game with simple rules and yet its somehow hard to get a good version that works and lets you play with other people around the world. Enter Card Ace: Blackjack, a great blackjack game that lets you play with friends wherever they are.