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5 Android stories you really should have read this week

Monster Hunter Stories Android

Ah winter. It’s so cold that going outside is no longer an option. That does mean you can sit back and read more articles about your favourite Android games though.

Not sure what to read? Let Droid Gamers help you with that! We’ve rounded up the absolute best Android gaming news from this week in one place. Go crazy.

Monster Hunter Stories launched on Android in Japan

Monster Hunter Stories, the casual friendly Pokemon style entry in the franchise, launched on Android this week. Sadly, it was only in Japan though.

We’re not sure if it will launch in other territories, but our fingers are firmly crossed. Go read all about it and try and download it if you have a Japanese Google Play account.

Minecraft like Portal Knights launched on Android

Portal Knights is basically Minecraft with an RPG twist, and this week it launched on Android. If you like the sound of running around slaying enemies with a sword while building stuff, this is for you.

So go and grab it from Google Play right now.

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team launched on Android

Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team is a mobile game reimagining of the hit anime franchise. You’ll create a team of your favourite footballers and battle other teams for glory.

If you love the anime, grab it from Google Play now.

Nintendo is porting Wii games to NVIDIA Shield in HD

Nintendo is currently in the process of porting Wii games to the NVIDIA Shield, and all of them are playable in HD. Sadly, they’re only available in China right now.

You can play New Super Mario Bros., The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Punch-Out! right now, and Super Mario Galaxy will follow shortly. Learn more in our article.

New Super Mario Bros. Android Wii

Ingress Prime is a remake of Niantic’s very first AR game

Wrapping up this week is the news that Niantic is remaking Ingress as Ingress Prime, and it will feature all recent AR improvements. The storyline will also see a reboot so that everyone can start from scratch.

An anime franchise based on the game will also launch. You can learn more by reading the article above, or checking out the official site.

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