Android: 5 new games you have to play this week

Pocket City Android

While you were frantically searching Google for news – any news! – about when or how Fortnite will come to Android, you might have missed the latest releases. Not to worry! We’ve rounded up all of the week’s best games in a single place. Scroll down to learn more about the best new Android games out this week.

The best new Android game this week: Pocket CityGet it

Pocket City is a city building simulator just like the classic SimCity. The best part about this one though is that it doesn’t include any microtransactions, energy systems, or any other free to play nasties. Well, that’s if you get the premium version. The free to play version does include ads but come on – show the developer some love for creating this awesome game!

ShaqFu: A Legend RebornGet it

ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn is pretty bonkers. You play as Shaquille O’Neal, the basketball champion, as he strives to save the world from a bunch of demon celebrities. Apparently, if this were to happen, Shaq would dress up in a massive mech suit and strut around beating his enemies into dust. Fair enough!

Super Idle Cats – Get it

Super Idle Cats aims to take a look at what the world would look like if cats took over. Apparently, they’d all build farms and eat lots of fruit? You’ll grow fruit, build up a farm, and generally take care of your cat in this bonkers game that’s definitely not based on science.

Super Idle Cats Android

DueLito – Get it

Ever wished you could be a cowboy in the wild west? You’ll need to get training with DueLito then. This will test your reflexes and see if you’re quick off the draw, tapping faster than your opponent. There’s even single device multiplayer so you can test yourself against your friends.

Dark Things – Get it

Dark Things is a classic style point and click adventure in which you play as Mr Dow. We don’t know who that is exactly, but he has to solve riddles and puzzles to uncover some really dark secrets. Again, we don’t really know what these secrets are but there you go.

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