5 spooky Android games to play on Halloween

Oxenfree Halloween Android

It’s Halloween, and you know what that means? Well, we guess you could go out trick or treating, but we were actually referring to playing scary games on your Android.

In fact, we even went to the trouble of putting together a list of our favourites so you didn’t even have to go looking. As a thank you, you could share some of that lovely candy with us? Please?

Best spooky Android game to play this Halloween: Oxenfree – Get it

We have to give the top honours to Oxenfree, which could be described as a Stranger Things simulator. It’s not the scariest game on this list, but it does a bloody good job of emulating that hit TV show, as you strive to help a group of kids expel a bunch of supernatural figures.

Corpse Party Blood Drive – Get it

Corpse Party Blood Drive is a sequel to the original anime survival horror game that takes place in a school. You play as student Ayumi who has been afflicted with a serious illness after using black magic.

Five Nights at Freddy’s – Get 1, 2, or 3

If you want a real scare, there’s nothing more frightening on this list than the Five Nights at Freddy’s games. You basically have to survive five terrifying nights at various different locations, trying to avoid a bunch of killer animatronics.

Limbo – Get it

Limbo is a spooky experience in which you have to help a boy survive a mysterious forest as he strives to find his missing sister. Along the way you’ll confront a giant spider, a murderous spider, and a whole host of deadly traps.

Hello Neighbor – Get it

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game in which you have to creep through your neighbour’s house to try and discover what horrors lie in his basement. As you make progress, the neighbour will learn your patterns and try and catch you out so you have to change your approach constantly.

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