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7 games you should download first on your new Android

Guns of Boom Android

It’s Christmas! Well, at least that’s what Slade is probably screaming at you right now. He’s right, you know. Objectively speaking, it’s Christmas day today – didn’t you get the message when someone gave you that new Android device?

Anyway, now that we’ve clarified what day it is, your next question is likely to be: what do I do with it? Well, we’ve got the answer to that. Here are seven games, sorted by genre, that you should download right away.

Shooter: Guns of Boom – Grab it on Google Play

If shooters are your bang, you can’t go wrong with Guns of Boom. It launched this year and settled the argument once and for all that shooters can definitely work on mobile. That’s it, hands down.

Honourable mention: Modern Combat Versusget it here.

RPG: Knights of the Old Republic – Grab it on Google Play

Knights of the Old Republic is pretty old now, which is quite telling of its quality that it’s still probably the best RPG on mobile. It’s the perfect time to play it as well, given that the latest movie just launched.

Honourable Mention: The Banner Sagaget it here.

Racer: Gear.Club – Grab it on Google Play

Gear.Club is the first racing game on mobile to truly wear the mantle of a console racer, and wear it well. So well, in fact, that its dream came true and it’s out now on Switch. Awesome.

Honourable mention: CSR Racing 2get it here.

Puzzler: Monument Valley – Grab it on Google Play (and the sequel here)

Monument Valley isn’t just the finest puzzler on mobile, it also happens to be the best game too. You’ll solve puzzles based on the works of Escher by touching and spinning stuff. It’s pretty cool.

Honourable mention: The Roomget it here.

Sports: FIFA Football – Grab it on Google Play

FIFA Football might not be the best sports, or even football, game on mobile. But it doesn’t need to be – not with the might of Ultimate Team behind it. That’s what truly carries this footie experience.

Honourable mention: PES 2018get it here.

Strategy: Total War Battles: Kingdom – Grab it on Google Play

Clash of Clans is all very well and good, but what if you want a true RTS experience on mobile? Well, that’s where Total War Battles: Kingdom steps up. You won’t be disappointed.

Honourable mention: Iron Marinesget it here.

Platformer: Super Mario Run – Grab it on Google Play

We’ve had a bunch of terrific platformers on mobile, but none as good as Super Mario Run. It also just so happens to be Nintendo’s first stab at a mobile game ever. Nailed it.

Honourable mention: Rayman Jungle Run and Fiesta Run – get it here and here.

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