9 of the best new Android games this week

The UK is due to be battered this weekend by the remnants of storms that have been brewing in the Atlantic over the last few weeks.

The MET office has issued a yellow warning, urging all UK residents to stay indoors and play mobile games. Fortunately there are lots of excellent mobile games to play this week, including shooters, RPGs, board games, and more.

Modern Combat Versus

modern combat versus

You know the drill. It’s a shooty shooty bang bang game starring hi-tech super-soldiers and their pet zap guns. 12 agents, 4 v 4 battles, levelling up, grinding, and cutting edge graphics so sharp you could slit a throat with them.

Modern Combat Versus is free to play, so there’s absolutely no reason not to check it out if you think you might enjoy a bit of Call of Duty-esque mobile shooting. Get it here

Middle Earth: Shadow of War

shadow of war

The awesome PC and console game Shadow of Mordor didn’t get a mobile spin off. Shadow of War has, and it looks like a cracker, with mobile-friendly turn-based battles and a tidy top-down perspective.

The star of the show is the Nemesis system, which has been updated since Shadow of Mordor, allowing you to make allies of your defeated foes and hone their skills in duels. Get it here

Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked

This one nearly snuck by us, but we caught it just in time. Like a thief in the night, Klei’s classic roguelike follow-up Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked has arrived on Google Play.

The aim is to escape from an island while approximately a billion impediments, from the weather to starvation to arachnid venom, try to take you down. And in the end one of those impediments will succeed, because this is a roguelike. But you’ll have a lot of fun before it does. Get it here.

AKA to Blue

aka to blue

Looking for Cave’s bullet-hell shooters on Google Play? Tough, they’re not there. But AKA to Blue is, and it’s just as good as Dodonpachi et al.

Just in case you don’t know what bullet-hell is, AKA to Blue sees you flying a craft through an overwhelming Manga carnival of colourful ordnance, weaving between fireballs and detonating bombs to cancel out enemies attacks. Get it here

Ticket to Ride: First Journey

Board games are a great way to promote family bonding, but younger family members can struggle to keep up with their arcane rules. That’s because children are stupid.

That’s where Ticket to Ride: First Journey comes in. This child-friendly spin-off of the world-conquering Ticket to Ride came out earlier this year as a tabletop board game to rave reviews, so the mobile version is a must. Get it here

Harald: A Game of Influence

Most games let you play as the hero – the brave, bold Jon Snow. Harald is more into the whole Littlefinger thing, casting you as a snide and snivelling supplicant for the king’s favour.

You do this by playing cards – one in the king’s council and one in the village per turn. You have to play your cards wisely while keep an eye on your opponents’ moves. The one with the most points wins.

Who’d have thought being a creep could be so much fun? Get it here

Find the Balance

Find the Balance is like a mobile port of having nothing to do. Your vital goal is to balance random object upon random object upon random object to create a magnificent tower of whatever.

We know, right? Sold! But that’s not all. There are 60+ levels, leaderboards, achievements, physics, unlockable stuff, and more. Also it’s free. Get it here.


Boundland is another slice of random colourful casual joy from Umbrella Games. You play as a shape with an eye, and you move by dragging and releasing this shape to propel it through the air like a bird from a catapult.

It’s not deep or clever, but it’s exactly what you want from a casual time-waster. There are 50 levels, five bosses, and once you’ve pinged your way through all that there’s an endless mode try out. Get it here. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.umbrella.boundland

Fly Fishing 3D II

Who’d have thought that fishing and videogames would be such a successful partnership? Fly Fishing 3D II is the latest in a long tradition of games about holding a stick over some water, and the sequel – obviously – to Fly Fishing 3D.

New features include an underwater camera, competition with NPCs, and “fight scenes”. There are 24 fishing spots across three different areas, tournaments, missions, and the classic free fishing.

You can even set conditions to cold and raining for that authentic fly-fishing experience. Get it here

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