Android: 5 games news you should have read this week

Elder Scrolls: Legends Android

Stellar Invictus is an Eve-style mobile MMORPG out now

Stellar Invictus is a surprise new mobile MMORPG that launched this week, bringing Eve Online-style gameplay to your phone.

Stellar Invictus Android

Oddmar is out right now on Android

Oddmar launched on iOS last year and is finally out on Android. It’s a gorgeous platformer featuring a bored viking looking for adventure.

Oddmar Android

Prison Survivor is a pretty slick open world shooter out now

Prison Survivor is a brand new open world shooter that challenges you to escape from a prison full of armed convicts.

Prison Survivor Android

Elder Scrolls: Legends gets Isle of Madness on January 24

Elder Scrolls: Legends will get the Isle of Madness expansion next week, which takes place in the same location as Oblivion‘s hit Shivering Isles expansion.

Smashing The Battle is on sale for a dollar

The hack and slash RPG Smashing The Battle was on sale this week for a dollar, but sadly it’s back to full price now.

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