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Android: 5 games news you should have read this week

LifeAfter Android

If you were too busy playing games to catch up on all of the Android games news this week, don’t panic. We’ve rounded up all of the top stories in this one article just for you.

The biggest Android games news story this week: LifeAfter is an open world zombie survival sim out now on Android

LifeAfter is a brand new survival simulator that challenges you to survive in a wide open world that’s been taken over by zombies. You’ll scavenge for resources, craft gear, and try and find fellow survivors to help you rebuild society.

Real Racing 4 has reportedly been cancelled at EA

This news was sadly confirmed by Kotaku later this week but it seems that EA has cancelled Real Racing 4 following layoffs at Firemonkeys, its official mobile games studio.

Cabal Mobile is an upcoming new MMORPG based on the PC classic

This week we learned that Cabal, the classic PC MMORPG, is returning as a mobile game. It will feature autoplaying and almost certainly P2W elements, but you can set combos and ride a hoverbike, so it’s not all bad.

Dungeon Rushers is on sale for a dollar right now

Dungeon Rushers went on sale for a dollar this week on Android, and at the time of press it still is! Get on over to Google Play by following the link in the story above to grab this awesome game right now.

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is a CCG launching this year on Android

Disney is working on a brand new CCG, Sorcerer’s Arena, which will launch on Android later this year. Learn more about it in our story above or just watch the teaser trailer below.

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