Android: 5 games news – Talking Tom Hero Dash, Dawn of Isles, and more

Dead by Daylight Android

Been too busy to keep on top of all of the Android gaming news this week? Not to worry, for we’ve done just that for you. Check out the top five news stories we ran this week.

Talking Tom Hero Dash is out right now, and you can get a free Outfit7 skin to celebrate 4.5m pre-registrations

Talking Tom Hero Dash is an endless runner that takes place in the same universe as mobile’s favourite talking cat. You’ll run around beating up raccoons who are threatening to destroy the city, collecting coins, and opening crates to unlock new costumes.

Dawn of Isles is finally available across the globe on Android

Dawn of Isles is a brand new mobile MMORPG that focuses on crafting and trims down the autoplay. It’s utterly gorgeous as well, and kind of looks like it takes place in the same universe as Nintendo’s The Wind Waker.

Square Enix is holding a huge Final Fantasy sale, with many of them 50% off

Square Enix held a huge Final Fantasy sale this week that dropped a bunch of prices down by 50%. It didn’t include VII and IX or the DLC for XV: Pocket Edition but you can still get a ton of JRPG goodness cheap. The sale is still live but we’re not sure how long for.

Hero Chess attempts to perfect the Auto Chess formula, out now in beta on Android

The developers of Hero Chess weren’t too pleased with Auto Chess on mobile, so took it upon themselves to perfect it in their own game. You can check out the beta of that experience right now.

Hero Chess Android

Dead by Daylight is definitely coming to mobile, Behaviour Interactive confirms

Dead by Daylight is definitely coming to mobile, Behaviour Interactive has confirmed. We’re not sure when, but we hope to learn more during E3 next week.

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