Android: 5 New Games – Chess Rush, Teppen, Total Party Kill, and More


DroidGamers is back with another entry in its coveted best new games series. This week, we’ve got quite the selection. We’ve included them below for your viewing pleasure. Go and grab a few.

Chess RushGet it

Chess Rush is Tencent’s take on the Auto Chess sensation currently sweeping mobile. It’s pretty much a carbon copy of the rest, just with a brand new Turbo Mode and co-op.

Devil StoneGet it

Devil Stone is one of those rarest of treats on mobile: a fully premium, offline-only experience entirely without IAPs. It’s a JRPG well worth checking out.

ElevenGet it

Eleven is an unofficial fan-made Stranger Things puzzler that challenges you to help Eleven navigate a bunch of puzzling levels, avoiding Demo-dogs and the like.

TeppenGet it

Teppen is a brand new card battler that aims to shake up the tired formula. It plays out in real time, with reflex actions and countering playing as big a part as the strategy.

Total Party KillGet it

Total Party Kill is a brand new puzzler by the prolific Adventure Island, of Super Dangerous Dungeons fame. You have to use the unique powers of your three party members to kill each other and make it to the end of a variety of dungeons.

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