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Android: 5 new games – Godzilla Defense Force, Daggerhood, and more

Godzilla Defense Force Android

It’s that time of the week again, where we round up the five best new Android games that launched. Check them out.

Godzilla Defense ForceGet it

Godzilla Defense Force sees you collect a wide variety of different versions of the hit monster from the various different movies over the years. You’ll then summon them to protect – rather than destroy – a variety of different cities.

DaggerhoodGet it

Daggerhood is Crescent Moon’s latest 2D platformer that features an intriguing mechanic. You can throw your dagger and teleport to its location at will.

Archero – Get it

Archero is like The Binding of Isaac but on a much smaller scale, with a variety of small-scale portrait dungeons to battle through.

Brave Order – Get it

Brave Order is a combination of gacha RPG and Auto Chess, with you placing your units and heroes in various different formations and sending them out to attack.

#DRIVE – Get it

#DRIVE is an intriguing new driving simulator that aims to emulate road trip movies from the 70s. Think an endless version of Five Easy Pieces.

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