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Android: 5 New Games – Human Fall Flat, Graveyard Keeper and More!

Every week, I have the privilege to write about new games and updates to old games. But we reserve this article for letting you guys know what good new games came out this week.

Human: Fall FlatGet It

Human: Fall Flat is a Co-op physics-based puzzler. Whether you have some friends to team up with, or want to rely on the kindness of strangers, Human: Fall Flat is an excellent time waster.

Bring You HomeGet It

Bring You Home is a gorgeous little puzzler where you manipulate the environment around the player. You will need to move hazards around to make sure Polo makes it home.

Graveyard KeeperGet It

Graveyard Keeper is one of those games where there is too much to do for me to explain in a couple of sentences. Just think of this game as a cemetery simulator set in the medieval times, so anything goes!

MinitGet It

Minit is the latest creation from the lovely people at Devolver Digital. Minit is an adventure game where your adventures last exactly a minute at a time. Can you find who has cursed you to live your adventures like Groundhog Day?

Another EdenGet It

Another Eden is a stunning story-driven RPG with beautiful graphics and entertaining dialogue. If you are looking for a story to sink a lot of time into, then Another Eden is an easy decision.

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