Android: 5 news stories you should have read this week

Neverwinter Nights Android

It’s Sunday, which means Droid Gamers is rounding up all of the week’s biggest Android gaming news into one place in case you missed it. Aren’t we nice?

The biggest Android gaming news story this week: Neverwinter Nights will have exclusive content on Android

Beamdog revealed this week that Neverwinter Nights will have exclusive content when it launches on mobile. This pretty much relates to how you control your character.

Bethesda showed off The Elder Scrolls Blades gameplay at QuakeCon

QuakeCon was this week, and Bethesda celebrated by showing off even more gameplay for The Elder Scrolls Blades.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic went on sale

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic went on sale this week at about half its usual price.

Naval battling JRPG Azur Lane is out now on Android

Azur Lane is a pretty unique JRPG in which you collect a bunch of heroes and take part in 2D naval battles.

Destiny Knights is yet another hero collector on mobile

Speaking of hero collector JRPGs, another one launched this week. Destiny Knights is pretty standard fare though.

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