Android: Best New Games and Updates This Week: Battle Breakers, Hearthstone, Old School RuneScape, Smite Blitz, and More

The weekend is the perfect excuse to sit back and dig into a slice of Android gaming, and there’s plenty of new stuff to be had this week. Here, we round up all of our favourite new Android games and updates in a single place so you can check them out.

Best New Android Games This Week:

Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers is Fortnite developer Epic’s latest release, and it’s a cross platform hero collector RPG. It’s a pretty standard example of the genre in that you spend premium currency to grab a bunch of heroes, create a team out of them, and then autoplay your way through a series of turn-based battles.

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Smite Blitz

Smite Blitz is a brand new mobile entry in the hit MOBA franchise. It’s more strategy RPG than MOBA though, with you collecting your favourite Gods like Odin, Thor, and Loki, and building a team out of them. There’s PvE and PvP, providing plenty of variety no matter your taste.

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Renegade Racing

Renegade Racing is a classic browser multiplayer racing game that’s out now on mobile, courtesy of Not Doppler. You’ll battle your way through a variety of different arenas, unlocking new vehicles and upgrades along the way.

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Naboki is the latest puzzler by Maciej Targoni, the prolific developer behind Klocki, Hook, Push, and more. This one is all about breaking levels apart to solve a wide variety of challenging puzzles.

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Minecraft Earth (US)

Minecraft Earth continued its global rollout this week, launching in the US on Google Play. It’s basically a combination of classic Minecraft building with Pokémon GO-style real world wandering. There are loads of ways to play with your friends in AR too.

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Magic Brick Wars

Magic Brick Wars is Halfbrick’s first new mobile game in three years. You may know them best as the creators of Jetpack Joyride and Fruit Ninja. Magic Brick Wars is a bit like Clash Royale, in that you battle your enemies in a variety of arenas using a deck of collectible cards.

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Cannon Ballers (Beta)

Cannon Ballers is an upcoming roguelite that won’t feature any sort of IAPs whatsoever. You play as a pirate that shoots their enemies with a massive cannon, and there’s tons of humour to boot.

Get it on Google Play.

Romancing SaGa 3

Romancing SaGa 3 launched for the first time ever in the west this week, as an extremely expensive premium release by Square Enix. It’s a pretty massive JRPG that originally launched back in 1995, with this version remastered in HD with a new dungeon, scenarios, and new game+ to explore.

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Best New Android Game Updates This Week:

Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth’s saga concluded this week, along with the release of episode four. If you don’t know what this is, it’s a mobile puzzle RPG that plays like Fire Emblem, except the grid is made up of coloured blocks. As you walk across a series of coloured blocks, you’ll perform a variety of different attacks.

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Old School RuneScape

Old School RuneScape got its first League this week, the Twisted League. It challenges you to play as an Ironman locked to the Kebos and Kourend regions, and provides you with a series of tasks to complete that give you points. You can spend those points on Relics, which are basically buffs that boost your skills in a variety of different ways.

Get it on Google Play.


Hearthstone got a brand new mode this week in beta, and it’s basically Auto Chess in all but name. It’s called Battlegrounds, and tasks you with selecting a classic hero from the world of Warcraft to lead a collection of heroes against seven other players in a variety of arenas.

Get it on Google Play.

Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile got a brand new class this week, and it’s focused on pets. It’s the Vulpine, a brand new member of the Untamed race, which can swap between human and fox forms, dealing ranged and melee damage respectively.

Get it on Google Play.

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