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Android Games Headlines: GRID Autosport, Octopath Traveler, Path of Exile, Brawhalla, and More

GRID Autosport Android

Android Games Headlines is a brand new weekly feature that we’re going to run on every Sunday from now on. We run a lot of content on Droid Gamers, and it’s often difficult to keep on top of it on a daily basis.

This feature is designed for the busy reader, who only really has time to dig through the site on a weekend. For you, we’re going to put all of the headlines together in one place – hence the name.

In tandem, we’d recommend reading the Best New Android Games and Updates This Week feature, as it includes stories we didn’t list here, and might recommend you a new game or two to boot.

Android Games Headlines

Dragalia Lost is Collaborating With Mega Man in an Event Starting November 28

Dragalia Lost is going to get a Mega Man-themed collaboration event on November 28 that will allow you to add Capcom’s hero to your team if you beat the story.

Octopath Traveler’s Mobile Prequel, Champions of the Continent, Has Been Delayed to 2020

Octopath Traveler is getting a mobile prequel called Champions of the Continent exclusively in Japan, and it was supposed to launch this year. We’ve just learned that it has been delayed to 2020 though, to allow for more development time on post-launch content.

This Is The Police Spin-off Rebel Cops is Coming to Android

This Is The Police spin-off Rebel Cops has been announced for Android, and that’s pretty exciting as it’s an awesome X-COM-like turn-based strategy shooter about rebel cops taking down a crimelord.

Battle Prime is an Upcoming Multiplayer Third Person Shooter That You Can Pre-register For Now

Battle Prime is an upcoming third-person multiplayer shooter that looks every bit like a console game. If you like the look of it, you can pre-register for it right now on Google Play.

GRID: Autosport Will Officially Launch on Android November 26

A whole two years after it launched on iOS and many tears of Android gamers, GRID: Autosport is finally coming to Android. It even has an official launch date: November 26. Mark your calendars.

New Mario Kart Tour Update Hints at a Future Return of Popular Tours

Mario Kart Tour received the Winter Tour this week, a festive-themed updated that introduced new courses, drivers, karts, gliders, challenges, rewards, and more.

Something we spotted though, was the fact that the tracks introduced in the New York, Paris, and Tokyo Tours have been renamed with a 1 at the end, suggesting that new versions of these tracks might return in new versions of these Tours at a future date.

Monster Viator is Kemco’s Latest JRPG, and You Can Pre-register Right Now on Google Play

Kemco is gearing up to release its latest JRPG, Monster Viator, which allows you to capture monsters and add them to your party. You can pre-register for it right now on Google Play.

Google Stadia Gets 10 New Launch Titles, Bringing the Total to 22

Google Stadia launched this week to mixed reviews from critics. We also learned that 10 new launch titles had arrived on the eve of its launch, bringing the total up to 22 launch games.

Grinding Gear Games Announced Path of Exile Mobile at ExileCon 2019

At ExileCon 2019, developer Grinding Gear Games announced that Path of Exile is coming to mobile in some form. We have no idea when it will launch, but we did see an early look at gameplay.

Brawlhalla is Coming to Mobile in 2020

Ubisoft’s Super Smash Bros.-like multiplayer fighting game, Brawhalla, is coming to mobile in 2020. It’s the exact same game with cross-play between all of the platforms it’s currently available on.

It Looks Like Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is Getting a Mario Kart Tour-like Subscription Service

We learned that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp was getting a subscription service this week, similar to Mario Kart Tour’s Gold Pass. Well, it turns out that it was two different services, the Cookies and Depot Plan and Happy Helper Plan. These provide monthly cookies and warehouse space, and an AI assistant respectively.

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