Android Games Released This Week – Dark Sword 2, Flashback Mobile, First Summoner and More

Dark Sword 2Get It

Dark Sword 2 is a silhouette inspired RPG where the aim of the game is the take on hordes of mechanical monsters. Enjoy a lengthy campaign or hack and Slash with two other friends.

Flashback MobileGet It

Flashback Mobile is old-school adventure game from 1992. You play as Conrad a scientist trapped on Saturn’s moon Titan. Can you find out how you got here and who’s on your tail?

First SummonerGet It

First Summoner is an RPG encouraging you to take back the reins of the auto-play menace. Gameplay comprises a lengthy campaign, PvP and a roguelike dungeon full of beautiful loot.

Bombastic Brothers: Top SquadGet It

The Bombastic Brothers – Top Squad is an 80s inspired run and gun action game. Captain Jeff has had his beloved corgi taken away from him, it’s up to the Bombastic Brothers to get the dog back.

It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes MobileGet It

It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile is a game all about investing in crazy money-making schemes. They base all the schemes on the weird and wacky ideas from the Emmy-nominated FXX comedy series.


Project Zero DeathsGet It

Project Zero Deaths is a multiplayer shooter best described as a real-time Worms. There are four game modes to choose from and seven characters to customise.

Asdivine KamuraGet It

Asdivine Kamura is the latest RPG in the Asdivine series by KEMCO. A transcendent being named Zaddes has appeared and begun altering the world. Can you team up with the right ladies and stop Zaddes?

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