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Android Games Released This Week – Dr. Mario World, Walk Master, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot and More!

Each week several games make their way on to the Google Play store. Some of which escape our coverage, so we bundled them all together in one neat little list every week.

This week saw two of the gaming industries elite release a title onto our mobile devices. This is a shame because I can’t see myself playing either game for much longer.

Rather than get bogged down in what Ubisoft and Nintendo have done, we’ve also included some indie titles that are sure to put a smile back on your face.

Dr. Mario World – Free

Let me get this abomination out the way early. Yes, Nintendo released a new mobile game based on Dr Mario all those years ago. But it lacks everything that makes a game good.

It is a match-three puzzler, where you use pills to eliminate viruses. There are plenty of characters to collect, just know now that none of them says a word!

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot – Free

The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot was Ubisoft’s version of a freemium mobile game, where the strongest players have paid for dominance. But, don’t let that entirely put you off.

Unlike Dr Mario World, you can still enjoy Mighty Quest without spending a penny. The core gameplay is a one-touch adventure game featuring some good old-fashioned hack and slash.

Walk Master – Free

I want to say I was pleasantly surprised when I played this game. The one-touch controls are enjoyable to experiment with, and they require variations in order for you to make it past certain obstacles.

The aim of the game is to walk your furry friend on stilts to the end of the level. The only problem is there are a load of obstacles in your way. If you haven’t tried Walk Master, I strongly recommend doing so!

Bumpin’ Dungeon – Free

Bumpin’ Dungeon is a pixel art puzzler where you need to get out of each room in as few moves as possible. For a game that only uses swipes, it’s awesome how engaging gameplay is.

A game like Bumpin’ Dungeon normally only appeals to fans of the art style or soundtrack. But the gameplay is more than enough to keep you entertained, everything else is a bonus.

Flappy Royale – Free

Flappy Royale is another game which sees a popular game genre mix with battle royale. This time Flappy Bird has made its appearance on the free-for-all stage, putting you up against 99 other players.

The coolest feature about Flappy Royale is that you can play offline. When you start a game, you go up against 99 other player’s ghosts. So every attempt you do is recorded and uploaded, ensuring you always go up against 100 players.

ChessFinity – Free

ChessFinity is one of those games I wish I thought of. It’s a combination of chess and an endless runner. You go up against a never-ending stream of chess pieces, which move just like the real game of chess.

You are not just against the endless stream of pieces, but a timer as well. So ChessFinity is a strategy high-score chaser where your quick decisions are put to the test.

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