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Android Games Released This Week – Elune, Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics, DOOM and More

Every week, several new games make their way onto the Google Play store. This week saw a mix of different genres come to our Android devices, including a JRPG, a soccer dating simulator and a roguelike stealth-action game.

DOOM and DOOM II – $5.00

I am sure I do not need to explain what DOOM is to most of you. But, for those of you unaware, DOOM was an awesome FPS (first-person shooter) made way back in 1993. I could explain what DOOM is about or some other information, instead I recommend you get it, for old times’ sake.


Elune is a monster collecting RPG created by GAMEVIL. Elune is set in a world of seven dimensions, all of which are in danger. There are over 200 characters to collect across five different classes, plus there is a 5-on-5 PvP mode to battle with.

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics$5.49

Gunslugs: Rogue Tactics is a roguelike game designed to give you full control. If you want to stealth through entire levels without being detected, you can do so. If you want to jump in guns blazing and wipe out the enemy base, go ahead! Each time you die the map will shuffle and change, meaning no two attempts are the same!

Astral ChroniclesFree

Astral Chronicles is a JRPG set inside the Astral Realm. The Realm is a beautiful landscape full of oceans, forests and a giant city. There are more than 50 legendary heroes to recruit and five classes to switch between at will. Also, there are over 200 skills to learn, meaning the campaign will probably be a lengthy one.

Venus ElevenFree

Games like Venus Eleven do not appeal to everyone, for example, you may not have any interest in soccer. But Venus Eleven shows how you can mix two different genres into one neat little bundle. After a horrific accident, you awake to find out you have amnesia. It is recommended that you come out of retirement and take up coaching again to regain your lost memories.

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