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Android Games Released This Week – Witcheye, Five Nights at Freddy’s 6: Pizzeria Simulator and More

Every week, several new games make their way onto the Google Play store for our amusement. This week we’ve got a varied list of games to talk about, so there should be a little something for everyone.


Witcheye is the latest game from Devolver Digital, and it looks like one worth trying. You play as a witch who is chasing down a knight that stole her spell ingredients. You send your eye off to hunt down this knight by any means necessary. The controls are uniquely designed for touchscreen, its best to think of it as easy to play but hard to master.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Pizzeria Simulator$2.99

There is a lot to talk about regarding FNaF 6. You play as a pizzeria owner who is trying to make a killing in this town. So you invest in the latest animatronics and video games to entertain all who enter your pizzeria. Being a FNaF game, you can bet your bottom dollar that things won’t exactly go to plan.

Warhammer Combat Cards – 40K EditionFree

Warhammer Combat Cards is a CCG PvP battler where all the cards are all from the 40K universe. The aim of the game is to slay your opponent’s warlord and protect your own.

Sandwich! – Free

Sandwich! Is a neat little puzzle game where you are supposed to create a sandwich in every single level. The only problem is the ingredients are spaced out all over the place. Can you gather up all your ingredients in this relaxing sandwich-making puzzle game?

Wildscapes – Free

Wildscapes is a game where you can create your own dream zoo from the ground up. You take over a rundown neglected zoo with the aim of renovating it to its former glory days. To do so, you will need to solve match-three puzzles to fund your zoo dream.

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