Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Forza Street, Dead Cells, World of Tanks, and More

Well done for staying indoors for another week. Your reward – besides all the Easter eggs you can eat – is this essential roundup of the most exciting Android gaming headlines of the last seven days.

And as a special treat we’ve decided to start incluing the best updates of the week in this roundup too. For new games and sales, look here.


Popular Nintendo Switch Shooter Juicy Realm is Coming to Mobile on Star Wars Day

Juicy Realm is currently only available on Switch and PC, but it’s coming to mobile soon – in less than a month, in fact, on May the 4th. It sees you romping around and shooting overgrown, sentient, evil vegetation using two sticks, and the mobile version is getting its own extra character.

Forza Street is a Free-to-Play Take on Forza, Coming to Android on May 5th

Forza purists are unlikely to be the target audience for Forza Street, which is actually a reskinned version of an existing mobile drag racer called Miami Street. It’s already out on PC, where it’s been criticised for shallow gameplay.

Company of Heroes is Coming to Android Later This Year

Following the successful port to iPad, Company of Heroes – the legendary real-time strategy game set in Battle of Normandy – is coming to Android this year. It’s probably going to be great.

Acclaimed Indie Roguelike Dead Cells is Coming to Android on June 3rd

Dead Cells, in the words of its own developer, is a “roguevania” – i.e. a roguelike metroidvania. It takes guts to make a portmaneau out of a word that is itself a portmanteau. Anyway, the game sees you animating a corpse in a dungeon and trying to escape.

League of Legends Spin-Off Legends of Runeterra Will Launch on April 30th

Runeterra is to League of Legends what Hearthstone is to World of Warcraft – a quick, slick, card-based spin-off starring characters from the original franchise. You can pre-register now, and it’ll be out by the end of this month.


World of Tanks Blitz is Getting a Floaty New Gravity Force Mode

World of Tanks Blitz is one of the most popular multiplayer mobile games in the world, so it can afford to take some risks. In this case developer Wargaming.net has taken the improbable step of placing tanks in a low gravity environment.

The Latest Terraria Update Adds Full Controller Support

Terraria is a perfect example of a game that keeps getting better. Its latest step towards perfection is an update that adds full controller support, as well as increasing the number of customisations for virtual controls.

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