Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Genshin Impact, Puzzle Quest 3, Breakfast Club, and More

It’s been a relatively quiet week in the world of Android gaming headlines, but quality is more important than quantity, and there’s no shortage of that.

We’ve got yet more new content for superstar blockbuster gacha RPG Genshin Impact, a highly exciting announcement regarding the Puzzle Quest series, and Funko Pop! Blitz crossover that will please the older players among you.

For a rundown of the best new Android games of the week, check out the Saturday companion to this article.


Check Out the Genshin Impact 1.3 Trailer, Introducing 5-Star Xiao Character

The updates keep on coming for Genshin Impact, the biggest and most impressive mobile game of the last year. This one introduces a playable 5-Star character called Xiao, and well as a Lantern Rite Festival and a host of login rewards.

Puzzle Quest 3 Will Hit the Google Play Store Later This Year

It’s been more than ten years since Puzzle Quest 2 came out. For aficionados of the puzzle genre, the news that Puzzle Quest 3 is on the way is a big deal. The first game was seminal, introducing a third dimension of RPG progression into the normally two-dimensional matching puzzler genre. We don’t know exactly when it’s arriving, but this is one to watch out for.


Funko Pop! Blitz

Proving once again that it’s an equal opportunities pop culture magpie, Funk Pop! Blitz has gone into business with The Breakfast Club, the ’80s cult classic directed by John Hughes, for its latest crossover. You’ll be able to collect the detainees, as well as sneering vice principal Richard Vernon, while working towards finishing your detention essay.

Top Eleven 2021

Is it an update or is it a new game? Both, kind of. Top Eleven 2020 has been renamed Top Eleven 2021 and updated with some new content for the new season. There are now customizable stadia, various weather conditions, and many other new inclusions besides, ensuring that the series remains on top of the free-to-play soccer management league table.

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