Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: Pokemon GO, Valorant, Marvel Super War, and More

The weeks all look the same when you’re not allowed to go outside. Fortunately, mobile games aren’t subject to lockdowns (well, Pokemon GO is, but Niantic has found a way around that, as you’ll read below).

It’s been an eventful seven days in our corner of the internet. For the lowdown on the latest new games and sales, check out the companion to this article.


Pre-Registrations Are Open for Kartrider Rush+ on Android, with Rewards on Offer

Kartrider is an online gaming phenomenon, and Kartrider Rush+ looks like a solid prospect on mobile, with polished graphics, lots of content, and a gigantic player base.

Niantic Announces First Ever Isolation-Friendly Pokemon GO Incense Day

On Sunday the 19th of April (i.e. today, if you’re reading this on the day of publication, Pokemon GO is having an incense day. Throughout the day you’ll be able to attract certain types of Pokemon to your home so that you don’t have to venture into the viral wilderness outside.

Pokemon Rumble Rush is Getting New Content in May, Shutting Down in July

Pokemon Rumble Rush has had its day. Despite being, well, just about fine it’s being pulled down in July. But not before it gets new content in May and June updates, in the form of the Zygarde and Shaymin Cups respectively.

Watch Some Guy Playing Resident Evil 3 on a Smartphone with a 360-Degree Motion Controller

The PewDiePie-backed Arkade Blaster controller has been popping up in videos like these for a while. The latest showcases Resident Evil 3, running on a PC and being mirrored on a smartphone using a Steam Link, which is mounted on the ironsights of a gun-like peripheral.

Is Riot Games Working on a Mobile Version of FPS Valorant?

Riot Games hasn’t officially announced a mobile version of its upcoming shooter Valorant, but the signs are there. For one thing, there touchscreen assets buried deep in its code. For another, well, Riot Games has games on mobile, so it stands to reason that this will be one of them.



Persephone is an ingenious puzzler that draws on Greek Mythology. It sees you trying to reach hell via a descending series of isometric puzzle stages. Now there are 100 of those levels, with the arrival of the Hades expansion.

Marvel Super War

Marvel Super War, NetEase’s MOBA starring characters from the Marvel universe, has just received a new content drop in the form of the Quantum Realm Suit from Avengers: Endgame.

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