Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: PUBG Mobile, Fortnite, Jetpack Joyride, and More

Battle royale games are having a hard time this week. While Fortnite continues its Goliath vs Even Larger Goliath battle with Apple and Google, PUBG Mobile has been yanked from the Indian app stores for reasons of national security. In more positive news, however, there’s an action game based on the Netflix show Kingdom on the way.

Read on to get abreast of happenings in the mobile gaming world this week, and don’t forget to check out the Saturday companion to this article for the latest new Android games and sales.


PUBG Mobile’s Latest Anti-Cheat Measures Include a Replay Review System

Bad news, scumbags. PUBG Mobile has just acquired a new wave of anti-cheating measures, including a Replay Review System. This should allow players to review suspicious incidents for themselves in order to help the proper anti-cheating team do their job.

Fortnite-gate: Google Will Attempt to Have Epic’s Antitrust Lawsuit Dismissed

The latest twist in the impossibly thrilling legal dispute between Epic, Google, and Apple is, well, a fairly inevitable and underwhelming one. Google is attempting to have the antitrust suit that Epic brought against it dismissed. Other than that, Google seems happy to let Apple make the big moves.

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Super Mario Kart Tour to Feature SNES-Era Mario and Donkey Kong Jr

The Summer season of Mario Kart Tour is coming to an end, just like summer itself. The next season looks like a crowd-pleaser, adding as it does two SNES-era pixellated characters to the mix: Mario and Donkey Kong Jr.

Marmalade Game Studio Holds Classic Board Game Sale, Announces Monopoly Sudoku

Marmalade Game Studios has a reliable niche on the Google Play Store providing mobile conversions of classic family boardgames like Game of Life and Monopoly. Its latest project is a bit more out there, fusing the brain-fortifying goodness of Sudoku with the argument-triggering evil of Monopoly.

PUBG Mobile is Banned in India

While Fortnite is going through a traumatic divorce from Google Play and the App Store, chief battle royale rival PUBG Mobile is having its own messy break up with the mobile app stores in India. In this case the reason seems to be largely geopolitical, with the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology forcing the game’s removal on security grounds, because it’s published by a Chinese company.

There’s a Mobile Game of Korean Zombie Series Kingdom in the Works

Kingdom, in case you don’t know, is a Netflix zombie series set around 500 years ago in Korea. Fusing political intrigue and terrifying gory horror, it’s been a solid hit, with two seasons already available and another likely to follow. The game is being made by Action Square, which specializes in action games. This is a promising prospect.


Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride, Halfbrick’s popular auto-runner, has just commenced a crossover event with Metal Slug. For the next few weeks you’ll be able to play with characters and vehicles from the classic Metal Slug franchise, including Marco Rossi and the iconic Slug Tank.

The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone – which is part of the Playdigious end of summer sale – was updated this week with a new map feature. The game, which sees you solving puzzles in a gorgeous isometric Monument Valley-eque world in order to help a man achieve closure, is now 189% easier to navigate.

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