Android Gaming Headlines and Updates: The Witcher: Monster Slayer, Star Trek Fleet Command, and MudRunner

There’s been a fair old avalanche of news this week, with several interesting-looking games on the horizon and another twist in the Epic vs the app store operators saga.

Alas, a few of the games that are coming out won’t be out globally. Monster Rancher 2 is just in Japan, Marvel Super War is confined to the far east, and Fall Guys is only confirmed for China.

Still, there are plenty of morsels for us western gamers to gnaw on. To learn more about the latest Android game releases and sales, check out the Saturday companion to this article.


Monster Rancher 2 is Coming to Android in Japan on September 17th

Monster Rancher 2 – also known as Monster Farm 2, hence the title in the trailer below – first came out on PS1 all the way back in the late 90s. An early Pokemon rival, it sees you collecting, breeding, and battling monsters. No word on a global launch, but the odds are good.

Post-Apocalytic Adventure Far: Lone Sails is Coming to Android This Year

Far: Lone Sails started life as a student project before coming out on PC and consoles. It’s an innovative, meditative game in which you pilot a huge bizarre vehicle across a post-apocalyptic wasteland, making repairs, collecting fuel, and so on.

Check Out the Live Action Trailer for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead

Bridge Constructor has an unlikely line in mashups, Portal being the most notable. Until now, or at least quite soon. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will see you building bridges to help vehicles escape from the zombie hordes.

Soft-Launched MOBA Marvel Super War Invades a Few More Territories on Android

Marvel Super War, the MOBA featuring numerous Marvel characters and situations, has been out in select Asian territories since last December. Now’s it’s available in a few more, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. 

Tintin Match is Coming to Android Next Week

If you close your eyes you can imagine with a high degree of accuracy what Tintin Match is going to look like. Due to hit the Google Play Store tomorrow, the game is a polished, cheerful matching puzzler featuring Tintin, Captain Haddock, Snowy, and other characters from the classic comic series.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a Free-to-Play, AR, Location-Based RPG, Coming Soon to Android

This looks promising. The Witcher: Monster Slayer is a location-based AR game in which you battle with monsters, accept quests from NPCs, and more in the real world through the screen of your phone. Basically, it’s Pokemon but more grown up.

Microsoft Comes Out in Support of Epic’s Legal Action Against Apple

Things have gone quiet in the great Epic vs Apple and Google standoff, but the beginning of the week saw Microsoft issuing a statement in support of Epic’s restraining order against Apple for banning not only Fortnite from the App Store but all games built on Epic’s Unreal Engine.

In response…

Judge Rules in Epic’s Favor in Fortnite Row Following Intervention from Microsoft

Naturally, the judge presiding over the case ruled in Epic’s favor, or rather in favor of all those developers whose livelihoods were being affected through no fault of their own. Apple was behaving like an 800lb gorilla, and Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers shot it was a tranquiliser gun.

Fortnite Android

Star Trek Fleet Command is Set to Incorporate Every Star Trek Timeline

One for the trekkies. Star Trek Fleet Command, the hugely popular free-to-play space RPG based on the even more popular sci-fi phenomenon, will soon incorporate all of the various Star Trek timelines, meaning you’ll see characters from Gene Roddenberry’s original alongside characters from Picard, the latest series in the franchise.

Fall Guys is Coming to Mobile After All (But Only in China for Now)

After a flurry of false rumors, it seems that the phenomenally popular Fall Guys is coming to mobile after all. Chinese company Bilibili snapped up the rights last week, and so far China is the only territory certain to be getting the game. A western launch is all but inevitable, however.


King of Fighters ALLSTAR

The latest King of Fighters ALLSTAR update adds a ton of new stuff, including a Team Relay Challenge in which teams of players need to do as much damage to a boss as possible in two minutes, and a Protect the Huge Watermelon event. We don’t need to explain what you do in that one.


The recently released port of offroad haulage sim MudRunner adds a whole new map the game – a mountainous course called The Ridge. It brings new vehicles, too, and a new duty called scavenging in which you have to find logs that are scattered around the map.

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