Android Gaming Headlines: Disgaea RPG, PUBG: New State, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and More

Mobile is full of surprises. Several games managed to sneak up on us this week, including a new Android Disgaea game, a new puzzler from Rovio, and a soft launch for Supercell’s Clash Quest.

Meanwhile, PUBG: Mobile has spilled the beans on its forthcoming limited open beta, revealing that it will take place at some point in the next three months. We don’t know where, though. We’d advise you to cross your fingers, but that probably won’t help.

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Disgaea RPG Is Coming to Android Next Week

The latest Disgaea game is a mobile title. Disgaea RPG, which is coming to the Google Play Store tomorrow, will see you venturing into the deepest, darkest underworld to take on demons, monsters, and other horrible jerks. Series protagonists like Mao, Killia, Etna, Adell, and others are set to make an appearance, too.

PUBG: New State Will be Available in Some Regions Before July

PUBG: New State’s developers took a moment this week to brag about their game’s latest pre-registration milestone. More than 10 million eager gamers have now signed up – pretty impressive given that the game isn’t even available in India, PUBG’s biggest market. In addition we got a release window of Q2, which means the soft launch will begin before July.

Supernatural City Is the Latest Casual Puzzler from Rovio’s Puzzle Studio, Out Now in Select Regions (Including the US)

Rovio surprised us this week by launching an open beta for Supernatural City, a brand new narrative casual puzzler that’s available in select regions, including the US. The game sees you playing Toon Blast-esque match three sections as you progress through a story about a girl called Ellie Delmar who’s searching for her father while discovering that she can see the dead.

Supercell’s Clash Quest Has Soft-launched in Scandinavia

It was only last week that Supercell announced Clash Quest, and it’s already available in soft-launch. One of three Clash projects in the pipeline, Clash Quest is a turn-based tactical adventure strategy game in which you have to hop from island to island, chucking familiar spells at familiar foes. The reviews so far are positive.

The Latest Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Update Adds Zengetsu for Free

There’s a new protagonist in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, and with it a whole new way to play the game once you’ve reached the end with Miriam. Zangetsu is a samurai warrior who wields a legendary sword, daggers, and a grappling hook. He’s voiced by the guy who plays Solid Snake, too. Not bad for a freebie.

The Walking Dead: Survivors Is Coming to Android Next Week After Racking up 1.5m Mobile Pre-registrations

There’s no shortage of Walking Dead games on mobile, and The Walking Dead: Survivors looks like a solid addition to the canon. This genre-stradding strategy game sees you building up your compound, defending it against waves of undead attackers, exploring your surroundings, pestering other players, and more.

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