Android Gaming Headlines: Professor Layton, EVE Echoes, Metal Slug J, and More

The great thing about the future is that there’s always a lot of great stuff in it. This week is no exception, with Professor Layton, Crystal Chronicles, EVE Echoes, and more on the horizon.

Look. There they are, leaving a telltale cloud of dust in their wake as they hurtle towards us like a phalanx of emergency services vehicles ready to deliver 100,000 CCs of high grade entertainment STAT!

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Level 5 Announces Professor Layton and the Unwound Future HD for Android, Out This Month

The first two games in this Professor Layton trilogy are already out on Android, so it wouldn’t take a puzzling genius to see this one coming. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future HD is a time-travelling episode in the popular puzzle-adventure series, and it’ll be out on the 13th.

Capstone Games is Working on a Man City Soccer Management Game for Mobile

Manchester City is the second best soccer team in the UK. To celebrate this achievement the club has entered into a partnership with Capstone Games to make a management game featuring licensed strips, players, and so on. It’ll be out this year.

The Final EVE Echoes Beta Gets Extended by a Day Following Google Glitch

EVE Echoes has been hit by multiple delays in its long road to launch, but its arrival is getting closer with the news that the final closed beta has begun. If you’re not already in it, you never will be, but the good news is that you’ll be able to play it soon enough.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic is Working on Catan: World Explorers, Pre-Register Now

Niantic has been at the forefront of the AR scene for years, and its latest conquest is Catan: World Explorers, an augmented reality take on the popular board game that will turn your neighborhood and the world beyond into a giant game board.

Warhammer: Odyssey is Heading into Closed Beta Later This Month

Testers for the latest Warhammer: Odyssey closed beta are due to be contacted next week. The game, when it arrives, will be a spin-off set in the Old World Warhammer universe, with three races and six classes to choose from.

Latest Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Trailer Reveals Free Version with Cross-Platform Coop

Among the more hotly anticipated of the billion or so Square Enix mobile ports this year is Final Fantast Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition. The latest news is that the remake will come with a free version, giving you access to the first 13 dungeons.

Metal Slug Code: J is the TBD Title of the Next Metal Slug Mobile Game

NetEase is working on a Metal Slug game, and this week we got the title. Sort of. The project is currently called Metal Slug Code: J, though that’s likely to change. We got a trailer, too, revealing that the game is a souped up take on the arcade classic.

Breath of the Wild-Inspired Action-RPG Genshin Impact Enters its Last Closed Beta

One of the most exciting forthcoming games on Android, Genshin Impact takes its inspiration from one of the most ambitious games in the world: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’ll be out later this year, and the final closed beta is underway.

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