Android Gaming Headlines: Spyjinx, Nier Reincarnation, Disney Mirrorverse, and More

If this week’s selection of headlines looks a bit miserly, that’s because it is. The reason for this apparent drought is that we cover new releases, updates, and sales in another post, and there were more of those this week than usual.

So check out the most exciting news of the week, including the re-emergence of a five-year-old project from Epic and a new Nier game for mobile. Then go and read our other weekly round-up.

Masayuki Ito Announces Bullet Hell Monday Finale, Out April 13th

Bullet Hell Monday Finale is a follow-up to Bullet Hell Monday, and it’s based on Bullet Hell Black. If you know what that means, congratulations. But all anyone really needs to know is that Bullet Hell Monday is a frantic, dazzling shooter, and this sequel is worth getting excited about.

Epic Games’s 5-Year-Old Espionage Project Spyjinx Has Emerged from the Shadows

Spyjinx first appeared on radars in 2015. Then, fittingly for a game about espionage, it vanished out of sight while Epic concentrated on building warehouses to store its Fortnite money in. Now it’s back, with a beta coming to iOS and an Android one to follow.

Acclaimed Indie Title Kingdom Two Crowns is Coming to Android on April 28th

Kingdom Two Crowns is the sequel to Kingdom: New Lands. It’s already out on PC, and it sees you building up your town, mingling, farming, and gradually consolidating your position as the head cheese. It looks incredible, with super-detailed pixel-art graphics. Check out the trailer.

Disney Mirrorverse is an Action-RPG Starring Amped-Up Disney Characters, Entering Soft-Launch Soon

Disney Mirrorverse, a joint project between Disney and Kabam, is an action-RPG set in a parallel universe mirror dimension where the Disney and Pixar characters you know and love are super evolved and spoiling for a fight.

Square Enix Teases Nier Reincarnation for Android

Nier Reincarnation is a new Nier game coming to Android. That’s pretty much all we know about it, other than that it’s being developed by Applibot, a studio with a lot of free-to-play RPGs under its belt.

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