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BarbarQ guide – 7 tips and tricks to help you become Master Evil

BarBarQ is a brand new multiplayer brawler that takes the best bits of PUBG, Agar.io, and Brawl Stars to create the ultimate battler.

You’ll gobble up mushrooms and smash other barbarians to bits in your bid to become the top player in these fast fire, action-packed matches.

When you’re top, you become Master Evil, and are much bigger and deadlier than normal. You’ll know you’ve achieved this if you’re covered in shadow.

In this guide, we’re going to give you a bunch of tips to help you get Master Evil every single time. You can do it!

Prioritise passive perks

While active perks look tempting, allowing you to pull off special moves like rushing in to attack, blocking moves, and destroying other’s blocks, the passive perks are just far more powerful and you can use them literally at all times.

Each time you level up and get offered a perk, we recommend grabbing a passive perk. Our personal favourites are whirlwind, tornado, hook, speed boost, and HP steal. The best part is, that you can take all of the above into a single battle with you and absolutely demolish the competition.

Forget mushrooms – get kills


When you first get into a battle, gather mushrooms for sure. In the early game they will give you a nice boost to your level and give you a perk or two to make battling easier.

But as soon as you see an enemy player, just get stuck in. It doesn’t really matter if you die, but if you kill your opponent, you’ll get a drastic boost from the mushrooms they drop.

That will help you kill more enemies, which will help you kill more enemies, while will help you… you get the point!

Kill the NPCs 

Occasionally, you’ll come across an NPC with a ton of health that you can bring down. Do it. They’re not really dangerous to be honest. They can drop bombs, but a single swing from your axe can send them flying out of danger.

Each hit will net you a bunch of mushrooms though, and if you kill them you’ll earn an extra pouch to carry one more item you can find dotted around the arena. Speaking of that…

Get items and use them


There are bombs, hammers, rockets, beer, and various other items dotted around the arena. These aren’t for show – grab them and use them.

They’ll help you kill your opponents, move faster, and restore health – among many other benefits. Don’t be afraid to use them either – there are tons of them all over.

Use the environment to your advantage

This tip is best used for later in the game. You’ll find clouds and stuff that you can hide in to give you a bit of cover, and that’s particularly important if you’re holding onto the lead.

Sure, being the Master Evil is pretty awesome, and you’ll want to carry on killing in most cases, but in others it pays to be careful.

You’re pretty unstoppable against smaller groups, but if a large one decides to gang up on you, you might struggle. That’s where the clouds come in.

Winning is a team effort

You may not notice but you’ll always have two teammates with you in every battle. You’ll either choose these for yourself by bringing friends with you, or get assigned two at random.

While it’s tempting to just let them get on with it, bear in mind that winning is a team effort. Even if a single opponent is bossing it, if you work together you can regain the upper hand.

There are plenty of perks that help you provide support to your team too. Don’t neglect them.

Pick the pet that’s right for you


Bringing a pet is basically like having an extra perk. They can boost your speed, attack, defence, and a whole host of other areas.

These can be quite tricky to unlock, and are pretty much a premium aspect of the game, but a pet is better than no pet. Pick the best free one if you don’t want to pay and bring them with you.

You can download BarbarQ on Google Play (and the App Store) for free now!

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