Bendroid Interview with John Coogan

To kick off our interviews properly we went to John Coogan, President of Bendroid. Check out the great interview!

1) So to start things off, tell us a bit about yourself in case people don’t know who you are, what you do, favorite game system, those kinds of things.

We a group of enthusiasts who decided to do some really cool things with Android. After working with web technologies and projects for more than 10 years, we thought it was time to change something. We are all fond of games of different genres on PC, PS or XBOX. Android is more of a hobby right now that we are devoting more time to day after day.

2) From the beginning Bendroid has produced some great games, the Mystique series so far being, in my opinion, the best out of all of them. How did you come up with the idea to make a horror/room escape style game?

As I‘ve mentioned above, we are game fans and thought that making some awesome 3d game for Android will be a great idea. For starters we have chosen the room-escape genre, as it requires time to think and solve the puzzles. By weaving in the horror atmosphere (“Hostel”, “Saw” style), we created the basis for Mystique.

3) Chapter 3: Obitus is about to be released, one feature I noticed in the description of the game on Bendroid.com is that the puzzles in the game won’t have just one solution, that each will be generated on a phone by phone basis. What was the motivation behind this and how difficult was it to implement a feature such as this?

Some of the puzzles and solutions for them will be generated “on the fly” in the game process. The main purpose of that is to make the game more challenging. We have noticed that sometimes users just search for game walkthroughs and do all the described steps. But these people are losing the main idea of the game – to escape on their own.

(Sorry people, don’t expect a walkthrough for Chapter 3 to appear on this site or any other site for that matter with this new feature.)

4) Any secrets in the game or tips that you can give out about Chapter 3: Obitus?

Right now no tips, we’ll probably provide some later at our website at http://www.bendroid.com.

5) Even though Chapter 3: Obitus isn’t released just yet, do you already have an idea as to where Chapter 4 will be going?

We have thought of making Chapter 4 in the future, but first we want to hear the feedback from our players. If people demand a 4th chapter, then why not indulge them?  🙂

6) Is Bendroid developing any other games or have you decided to mostly concentrate on the Mystique series now?

We have some games that we are developing in parallel and should hit the market rather soon. Also, we have a lot of games waiting “in the development queue”. We just need to find the time for them.

7) What’s your view on the current status of the quality of games for Android? Any words of advice for aspiring game developers?

We think that the games are improving greatly. We have played and seen the demos of certain 3d games that are really astonishing. We hope that more developers will recognize Android as a fast-growing and promising mobile game platform.

8) I’d ask about the ending to Chapter 3 because it’s sounds like it’ll be awesome/surprising but it looks like it’s rather hush hush right now regarding it.

To be honest, we’d like to keep the ending a secret for now. In addition to the ending, the game will have lots of surprises and some totally new features that were not available in the previous two chapters. I think the players will be very happy with the result.

I’d like to thank John for taking the time to answer our questions during this busy time right before the release of Mystique Chapter 3: Obitus! We wish Bendroid all the best in the release of this new chapter in a great game series. Expect to see Mystique Chapter 3 hit the Android Market before the end of this month! {nomultithumb}

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