Best Android platformers 2018 – Mario, Rayman, and more

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Platformers really are the quintessential video games. From the halcyon days of the NES all the way to your relatively teensy mobile phones, jumping over things has been an ever-present challenge.

Characters that specialise in jumping our also some of our biggest pop culture icons. Even if you’re not a gamer, you’ve probably heard of Sonic, Mario, Rayman, or Lara Croft – AKA Tomb Raider.

And while many of these icons do exist on mobile, we’ve also got a few of our own. Read on for what we consider to be the finest platformers out on Android right now.

Super Mario Run

Of course Mario is on this list. Nintendo’s first foray into mobile gaming (not counting the misguided Miitomo, of course) was an absolute smash hit. It takes everything we love about Mario and shrinks it down to the smaller screen, making good use of the touchscreen in the process.

Rayman Jungle Run, Fiesta Run, and Adventures

Rayman is another ever-present in the list of platforming icons and, like Mario, he’s also got a solid entry on mobile. Actually, there are a few solid entries. Jungle Run and Fiesta Run are basically traditional entries in the franchise while Adventures provides an endless collection of levels.

Super Cat Tales II

Super Cat Tales was mobile’s answer to Super Mario Bros. until Mario arrived. In fact, in some ways it still is. It draws inspiration from the likes of Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros. World to provide an adventurous platforming adventure with a wide variety of levels.


LIMBO is an excellent emotive adventure about a young boy trying to rescue his sister. The deaths are grim, the environments picturesque and beautiful, and the adventure itself very emotive.

Mikey Shorts, Hooks, and Boots

The Mikey games basically laid the framework for a successful mobile platformer, and it did so by just keeping things simple. Each of the games focussed on a different mechanic, like jetpack boots, a hook to swing off, or just jumping.

The best part about it is the time challenges for every level. It feels so rewarding whizzing through a level without making a single mistake.

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