Best Android strategy games 2018

Iron Marines Android

If you prefer to use your brain over your reflexes, chances are you’re a real big fan of strategy games. Fortunately for you, this is a genre that absolutely flourishes on mobile.

We’ve got turn-based, real-time, stealth, action, large-scale warfare – an absolute ton of options on Android. We’ve rounded up the best of them below.

Best turn-based strategy on Android

Turn-based strategy is for those that like to take their time with their strategical decisions. You’ll have a variety of abilities to select from and will have to think a few steps ahead to proceed.

Our options include the almighty X-COM, arguably the best strategy game on mobile. Epic Little War Game provides Civ-style battles on a large scale while Polytopia is a Civ-inspired game that streamlines the experience.

Rounding up our list is Final Fantasy Tactics and The Banner Saga, two strategy RPGs that stand out as the best in the genre on mobile.

Best real-time strategy on Android

Real-time strategy games are for those that like to think on their feet. While they don’t often require the same reflexes as a shooter, they do require you to think fast and react to difficult scenarios.

Our options include Clash of Clans, the first mobile game to make headway in the genre on mobile. Clash Royale, by the same developers, brought us an excellent streamlined mobile strategic battler.

Then we’ve got Mushroom Wars 2, a cutesy Total War-like for mobile and Iron Marines and Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the best examples of tower defence on mobile.

Best city building sims on Android

City building sims are the most relaxing of our selections, allowing you to build a city at your leisure. Having said that, they’re not devoid of challenge. Building and governing a city isn’t easy. It’s expensive and loads can go wrong that you don’t anticipate.

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