Best New Android Games and Sales: Bullet Hell Monday Finale, Hitman GO, Her Story, and More

How are you enjoying the end of the world? It’s been business as usual here are Droid Gamers Towers, with new mobile games and related news data flowing through our appropriately distant screens in a constant stream.

That said, the supply of new games is relatively sparse this week – but there are plenty of sales to make up for it.

New Games

Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight has been out for a while on other formats. It’s an asymmetric multiplayer hide-and-seek game in which one players assumes the role of murderer and the other four play as survivors. The mobile version is free-to-play.

Gameloft Classics Compilation

To commemorate its 20 years in the game, Gameloft is giving away this compilation of 30 of its classic titles. There’s been some confusing in the comments over whether this is fully free, since there’s an IAP listed on Google Play, but we can’t find that IAP in the app. The bigger issue is that the games are played on a tiny portion of the screen, so use a tablet.

Agricola Revised Edition

Digital board game specialist has taken the Agricola reins from previous publisher Playdek. That means existing players of this compelling medieval agriculture game will have to pay again – but it’s probably worth it.

Rocky Rampage: Wreck ‘em Up

Heavily inspired, as Droid Gamers commenters have pointed out, by Burrito Bison, Rocky Rampage is a fun, solidly presented casual game where you make incremental progress by buying upgrades.

Bullet Hell Monday Finale

If you’ve never played one of the Bullet Hell Monday games before, you’re in for a treat. These psychedelic shooters take the bullet hell format and make it marginally more accessible, but profoundly more visually exciting.

Extreme Golf

Extreme Golf is a casual, free-to-play golf game along the lines of Golf Clash. It gets its “extreme” moniker from the fact that shots are timed, and in the event of a tie the fastest player wins.


Hitman GO

Following Lara Croft GO’s spell as a free download a few weeks back, Hitman GO is currently gratis. This clever board game reimagining of the Hitman games is absolutely essential, so grab it right the hell now.

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories

Lovecraft’s Untold Stories – a twin-stick action roguelike based on the work of horror author H. P. Lovecraft, is currently less than half-price on Google Play. You can grab this acclaimed, premium multi-platform game for $3.99.


Kiwanuka is an under-appreciated puzzler based loosely on the Lemmings format. You play as a wizard, and you have to use your staff to steer a line of subjects to safety. It’s just 99c right now.

Her Story

Her Story, the ingenious interactive movie in which you have to solve a crime by piecing together evidence from interview transcripts, is currently available for the bargain price of 99c.

Popular Roguelike Sproggiwood is Currently on Sale for $1.99

Sproggiwood is a colorful, cheerful roguelike with well-crafted turn-based gameplay and plenty of humor. It normally costs $5, but you can scoop it up right now for $2.

Headup Games Slashes the Prices of Bridge Constructor Portal, The Inner World, and More

Headup Games has some excellent titles under its belt, and some of those are currently going cheap. Bargains include The Inner World, Shiny the Firefly, and the outstanding Bridge Constructor Portal.

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