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Best New Android Games and Sales: Company of Heroes, PAKO Caravan, Door Kickers, and More

It’s been another cracking week for new releases, with Company of Heroes the obvious standout. It may be 14 years old, but Relic’s WWII RTS masterpiece is every bit as challenging and compelling now as it was in the depths of the noughties. PAKO Caravan also looks swell.

There are some great sales, too, including both of the Door Kickers games and Space Marshals, collectively offering hours of tactical action hijinks.

New Games

Golf Skies

Golf is the most versatile sport in the world when it comes to tweaking the formula for videogame spinoffs. The latest variation on the theme of hitting a ball with a stick is Golf Skies, in which you have to steer your ball around clusters of phenomenally dense planetoids.

Atari Combat: Tank Fury

The one thing more disappointing than booting up an old Atari 2600 game like Combat expecting to have fun seems to be booting up its modern namesake. Atari Combat: Tank Fury is a match-three puzzler with base-building and RPG elements, and so far the user reviews are less than glowing.

Company of Heroes

After an initial exploratory launch on iPad earlier this year, Relic’s peerless WWII RTS is available for the small screen. The touchscreen interface works perfectly, though it’s quite crowded given the limited real estate. Gameplay-wise, you can’t do any better in the real-time strategy genre.

Odie’s Dimension II

Odie’s Dimension II looks so much like Monument Valley that we’re almost surprised it exists. The gameplay sees you manipulating impossible, Escher-esque structures so that a little person can navigate through the stages. It has the same concept as Monument Valley, and the same art style, too. But if more Monument Valley is what you’re looking for, it’s worth a look.

PAKO Caravan

PAKO is turning into quite the brand. It started off as a stylish and playable isometric driving game, took a detour through endless racing in PAKO Forever, and has now pulled up at Snake, the classic Nokia casual game. As the title suggests, the aim is to build the longest caravan of vehicles that you can manage.


Door Kickers

Both Door Kickers and its sequel, Door Kickers: Action Squad, are on sale for 99c right now. It’s worth buying both. The first game is a highly acclaimed top-down tactical action game, while the second is a more action-oriented side-scrolling affair. Treat yourself.

Space Marshals

Space Marshals is a less well-known but equally excellent tactical action game in which you have to prowl around in a sci-fi cowboy universe killing space varmints and employing stealth.


Hook is available right now for the cheapest possible price: nothing. This elegant, ingenious puzzler won’t keep you busy for long, but it’s well worth experiencing – particularly when it won’t cost you anything to add to your library.

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