Best New Android Games and Sales: Dead Cells, Fallout Shelter Online, Stardew Valley, and More

Dead Cells is one of the best Android action games.

It’s Saturday, which can only mean one thing. Well, technically it means trillions of things, but in the context of Droid Gamers’s weekly diet of editorial content, it means the latest round-up of new Android games and sales is here.

Dead Cells is the clear standout this week, but do check out Bart Bonte’s latest contribution to the Google Play Store.

New Games

Words for a bird

Words for a Bird is the latest game from Bart Bonte, the puzzle game savant behind Green, Yellow, Blue, Black, and Red. It sees you making words out of letters that appear as leaves on a tree. It’s already out on PC, but totally overhauled and expanded for mobile.


2112TD is a tower defense game set in the year 2112. That’s the mystery of the name sorted out. Developer Refinery Productions is pitching 2112TD as a stylistic homage to sci-fi strategy classics StarCraft and Command & Conquer.

Dead Cells

At long last, Dead Cells – the highly acclaimed roguelike metroidvania (“roguevania”) – is out on Android courtesy of Playdigious. It sees you playing as a cluster of cells inhabiting a succession of dungeon corpses and trying to escape.

Fallout Shelter Online

Fallout Shelter Online is an eagerly awaited multiplayer follow-up to Fallout Shelter. It sees you managing a bunker in a post-apocalyptic wastleland, exploring your barren surroundings and, for the first time, engaging in online battles. Sadly it’s not yet available in the West.

Bonus Content

Neon Flytron

A free-to-play neon-soaked endless racer in which you barrel through a maze-like city of the future in a flying car.

Bomb Bots Arena

A modern take on Bomberman with slick 3D graphics, online play, and the option for four players to gather around a screen at the same time, when that ceases to be a crime.


Stardew Valley

This is the second time we’ve written up a Stardew Valley sale in the last couple of months, but it’s always worth flagging? ConcernedApe’s much-loved farming sim is an absolute classic, and you can grab it now for $4.99.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted

EA games tend to be free-to-play, so Need for Speed: Most Wanted is a bit of a relic. It’s a solid racer, though, and well worth picking it up at its current price of 99c.

Templar Battleforce

The first of two titles from Trese Brothers this week, Templar Battleforce is an immaculate space marine strategy game with an incredible 4.8 stars out of 5 on Google Play. It’s half price now, at $4.99.

Star Traders: Frontiers

Here’s that other Trese Brothers game. Another stone cold classic, it involves space trading and so much more, with a huge open universe to explore and an infinite choice of paths to take.

Hello Human

The Portal-inspired Hello Human, which sees you getting tormented by a malevolent AI, is a brief but mostly enjoyable game, and you can grab it right now for free.

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