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Best New Android Games and Updates: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, War Tortoise 2, Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition, and more

Who’s got time to stay abreast of the latest mobile gaming releases and updates? Not you, that’s for sure. Fortunately, we literally have nothing better to do than to round-up the good stuff for you in this weekly update. 

It’s a bit of a mixed bag this week, with a couple of absolute corkers, a few maybes, one of two reliable prospects, and a truly epic update. 

New Games

The Witch’s Forest

The Witch’s Forest is an idle-RPG where the aim is to rehabilitate a magical tree by tapping on the screen to kill monsters. It’s a novel concept with a wholesome ecological message, and the visuals are highly distinctive – a bit like Severed and Guacamelee. 

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross

The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross is a mobile spin-off of a popular anime series. The gameplay is pretty much what you’d expect from a Netmarble RPG, with card-based combat and plenty of characters to collect, but the visuals are a cut above. Just check out the trailer. 

War Tortoise 2

A war tortoise might sound like a contradiction in terms, but this war tortoise is huge, covered in armor, and bristling with guns, all of which are upgradeable. The sequel to a solid idle shooter, War Tortoise 2 is a reliable download. 

Motorsport Manager Online

Motorsport Manager has been out for quite a while. One of the best sports strategy games around, it boasts rich, well-balanced gameplay, tons of licensed content, and neat visuals. And now it also boasts ten-player online races, weekly championships, and leaderboards. 

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Surprise! Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for Android appeared out of nowhere like a hungry vampire this week. This influential platformer almost single-handedly kickstarted the metroidvania genre, and still stands up today.

Serious Sam Collection

Things seems to be picking up for Google Stadia. The Serious Sam Collection is already out on consoles and PC, and has been for a long time, but this daft, frenetic, action-packed meathead first-person shooter is a welcome addition to the Stadia library. 

Battle Racing Stars

Battle Racing Stars is the quintessential Halbrick Game. It sees you racing side-on against the whole ragtag band of Halfbrick characters, including Barry Steakfries, Sensei, Flash, and so on. It’s fun, frantic, and, naturally, free. 


Dandara: Trials of Fear Edition

Dandara is an absolutely cracking metroidvania, and developer Raw Fury has just made it even better with an update so massive that the name of the game had to be changed. Trials of Fear adds new areas, boss fights, mechanics, dialogue, and more.

PUBG Mobile

The latest PUBG Mobile update is here, and it adds a host of new content. Most notably, it reinstates Hardcore mode, which should please dedicated fans who want to prove how tough they are. Royale Pass Season 12 is also underway.

Call of Duty: Mobile

The next season of Call of Duty: Mobile is now live, and it’s called Disavowed. It adds a new multiplayer map, a one-shot-kill mode, and more. Plus, the latest Battle Pass brings ranked rewards, instant unlocks, and so on. But Zombies mode is on the way out.

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