Best New Android Games and Updates: Om Nom: Run, LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed, Mario Kart Tour, and More

GDC is cancelled! Shockwaves are rippling through the games industry as developers and publishers lament the loss of their favorite annual get together, while news hungry gamers contemplate a March devoid of world-rocking announcements and newsy goodness. 

But the show must go on. As ever, Droid Gamers is here on a Saturday to round-up the most exciting new releases and updates of the week. 

New games

Om Nom: Run

Om Nom Run is an auto-runner from ZeptoLab featuring the star of its enormously popular casual puzzler Cut the Rope. It sees you running forwards, jinking between three lanes, avoid obstacles, collecting stuff. It’s Subway Surfers, basically. The only mystery is how it took this long to come about.

Liege Dragon

Liege Dragon is the latest game to have been picked by Kemco from its giant tombola of JRPG ideas. Starring a cast of physically fit teenagers, the story involves an orphan princess struggling to rule her kingdom, and the gameplay involves turn-based battles, skills, stats, and all that good stuff.

Dragon Quest of the Stars

Square Enix’s Dragon Quest of the Stars has been out in Japan for a while, and now you can play it in the West too, you lucky gits. As you’d expect from Squeenix, the game is a polished, cartoony RPG with turn-based battles, skills, spells, and monsters.

Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is an outrageously pretty MMORPG from Archosaur Games. Developed in Unreal Engine 4, it looks like a high end console game would have looked not so long ago, and sees you travelling to a series of real-world locations and kicking people’s heads in. 

LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed

LEGO gets everywhere these days. Not content with dominating the kid-friendly co-op puzzle action genre, the Danish megabrand – in partnership with Gameloft – is now colonising the world of gacha with LEGO Legacy: Heroes Unboxed. 

Collect LEGO figures, send them into battle. You know the drill. There’s asynchronous multiplayer, and a variety of sets including LEGO City, Ninjago, and Space, with more to come.


Mario Kart Tour

The latest bi-weekly content infusion for Mario Kart Tour turns the clock back to those halcyon days when Mario’s dungarees were red. Fittingly, it’s called Mario (Classic). Next week you’ll be able to download Luigi (Classic) too. There are also three new karts and two new gliders. 

Marvel Strike Force

It’s been a good week for new characters. Not only has Mario Kart Tour got a couple of new arrivals, but Marvel Strike Force welcomes four new heroes: Blob, Toad, Ironheart, and Red Skull. There are upgrades, too, for Hydra Grenadier, Hydra Rifle Trooper, Hydra Armored Guard, and Hydra Snooper. Basically, if you don’t like Hydra you’re out of luck.

Magic: ManaStrike

Magic: Manastrike has received its first major content updates. It contains Planeswalkers, cards, and new game features. If you’ve been enjoying the game so far you’ll be delighted to learn that you can now play with the minotaur Angrath and a geomancer called Koth of the Hammer. Plus tons more stuff. 

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