Best New Android Games and Updates This Week: Rebel Racing, Minecraft Earth, Pokémon Masters, and More

Been too busy to keep on top of the new Android game releases and updates this week? Not to worry, for that’s what we’re here for. We’re going to round up all of the new games and the updates worth checking out this week.

Best New Android Games This Week

It was a quiet week for new Android games releases, with only two being sufficiently big enough for us to cover. Fortunately, they’re good’uns.

Rebel Racing

Rebel Racing is a beautiful new racer by Hutch Games, the masters of mobile racing games. You’ll race legendary drivers across various different locations, collecting loads of licensed vehicles that you can customise and upgrade along the way.

Get it now on Google Play.

Minecraft Earth (UK Only)

Minecraft Earth soft launched in the UK this week, bringing it one step closer to a full global launch. This Pokémon GO-like mash up with Minecraft lets you wander around a blocky version of your real world map, collecting resources to build stuff that you can share with friends.

It’s available now in the UK so if you live in that territory, grab it on Google Play right now.

Best New Android Game Updates This Week

The week might have been quiet in terms of releases, but we got a bunch of updates that help to make older releases feel a bit fresher.

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac got a new story chapter, game modes, and a new PvP Championship this week in a brand new update.

Get it now on Google Play.

Adventure Quest 3D

Adventure Quest 3D got its latest Battle Concert this week. These events host a genuine real world band as they play hit songs from their library while you mosh along and battle monsters in the audience. You’ll get tons of loot for participating, as well as have a bunch of fun.

Get it now on Google Play.

Pokémon Masters

Pokémon Masters got three new story chapters this week, which carry on the story. You’ll team up with Calem, a trainer from Pokémon X and Y, who brings Pokémon Espurr to the team. You can also add Torchic as your primary Pokémon if you’re sick of Pikachu, and there are a number of events live right now that will provide you with gems for participating.

Get it now on Google Play.

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour’s new Paris Tour kicked off this week, introducing a new Paris Promenade track, three new drivers, and a few karts and gliders to collect. There are also a bunch of new cups and challenges, of course.

Go ahead and grab it right now on Google Play.

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