Best New Android Games This Week: Gears POP!, Perfect World Mobile, Farm Punks, and More

Looking for some new Android games to keep you busy this weekend? Well, you’re in luck as Droid Gamers is here to provide you with just that. We’ve rounded up the very best games that launched this week in one place, including some real hits. Enjoy!

Farm Punks

Farm Punks is a crazy new game by Noodlecake Games that challenges you to build your own farm. You’ll fire various different fruits down a mountain, performing tricks along the way to build up a profit. You’ll then reinvest that profit back into the farm, purchasing upgrades, vehicles, and more powerful cannons.

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Man Vs. Missiles: Combat

Man Vs. Missiles: Combat is a sequel to the original shooter. You’ll take to the skies in a variety of planes as you battle jets of various different shapes and sizes. Along the way, you’ll collect a variety of power-ups to help you survive and unlock a wealth of different planes and upgrades.

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Spiritwish is Nexon’s latest mobile MMORPG, which changes up the formula by providing a party of heroes to grow rather than a single hero. There’s a wealth of content to tackle with your group, including the usual dungeons, PvP, and raids.

Get it on Google Play.

Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile is a mobile adaptation of the classic PC MMORPG that launched over 12 years ago. It’s pretty faithful to the original, with many of the same locations, classes, and races returning, though it features brand new touch controls and visuals.

Get it on Google Play.

Gears POP!

Gears POP! is a Clash Royale-style arena battler that challenges you to collect pins of your favourite Gears of War characters, create a team out of them, then battle other players in a variety of different arenas.

Get it on Google Play.

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