Best New Android Games This Week: Ghost Sync, Doodle Dash, Hero Craft, and More

Last week we lamented the lack of new games in our weekly round-up. This week is even worse.

That’s not to say the games themselves are worse. There’s plenty of fun to be had in the offerings we’ve scraped together, including some epic role-playing, some visual splendor, and a highly unusual game mechanic.

But, if we’re being brutally honest, we hope there’s more on offer next week.

Slice Knight

We’ve never played anything quite like Slice Knight before, though we’re sure our clever commenters will be able to point to several examples of similar games. You play as an adventurer who’s perpetually spinning with a weapon in his hand. This weapon changes as you smash open crates – sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

Hero Craft

HeroCraft is a developer. A good one, too, with a long history in the business and plenty of great games under its belt. It’s not to be confused with Hero Craft, a new 3D dungeon-crawling RPG with random dungeons and a PlayStation-era aesthetic. It looks fairly rough around the edges, but potentially lots of fun.

Ghost Sync

You always know what you’re getting with Kemco. The prolific studio’s latest release, Ghost Sync, is yet another cute, colorful RPG featuring anime characters and fantasy tropes. This time around you’re in a world infested with evil beasts. One of these beasts – a non-evil one, has the soul of a young man. Cue adventure.

Doodle Dash

Doodle Dash is an endless runner featuring a stick person. There’s nothing new in that sentence, but this gorgeous casual game from Ghostfall Studios manages to bring something new to the table all the same: an immaculate hand-drawn art style that’s full of detail and imagination. Apparently it took an age to put together, but it was worth every second.

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