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Best New Android Games This Week – Thronebreaker, Runescape, Railroad Ink Challenge and More

It’s been a pretty good week for Android releases, all told. Especially if you like RPGs, card games, or games where you take charge of sports teams. And if you’re a fan of slicing up monochromatic demons, well you’re definitely in luck. 

Here are what we reckon are the five best new games to land on the Google Play Store over the past seven days. If you’ve got your own suggestions, then we’d love to hear them, so stick them in the comments section at the bottom of the article.

The Witcher Tales: Thronebreaker

A super-slick, super engaging single player RPG built around the mechanics of Gwent. There’s a wonderfully written story, some intelligent tweaks to the gameplay and enough content that you’re likely to lose a good few hours of your life to it. The first chunk of the game is free, and then you have to pay a one-off IAP to get the rest. Click here to grab it from the Google Play Store.

Out of the Park Baseball Go

One of the best baseball management sims, now squished down to fit in the palm of your hand. There’s everything you want from a management game here, and you can get super granular with how you take control of your team. You can try the game for free, and there’s an IAP to unlock everything it has to offer. Click here to download it right this second.

Shadow of Death 2

This one’s a gloomy and gory hack-and-slasher that harks back to some side-on classics of yore. The controls are super slick, and the balance between challenge and glorious slaughter is pretty much perfect. It’s free to play with IAPs, but we’ve had a good long play of it and not come up against any pay walls. Click here to give it a go yourself.

Railroad Ink Challenge

A boardgame adaptation that sees you rolling dice and trying to make the best railroad possible. It’s fast and fun, and there’s a decent level of strategy here too. There’s single player, there’s multiplayer, there’s basically everything you want from a digital boardgame. The game will set you back $3.99 and you can click here to buy it now.

Runescape Mobile

Technically this one has been out in early access for a while, but the full version of Runescape Mobile is now live on the Play Store. It offers everything that the home version of the classic MMO does, and it plays pretty darn well. You can play a good chunk of the game for free, and there’s a monthly subscription of $10.99 to unlock all of the rest. Grab it by clicking here.

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