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Call of Duty Mobile – Multiplayer Guide

Call of Duty Mobile was a surprise to a lot of us. Not just because gameplay offers users a free-to-play experience without dipping too far into the pay-to-win category. But it also offers a darn good FPS experience, without even supporting external controllers.

Call of Duty Mobile Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Now, the tips mentioned below are designed with multiplayer in mind. This excludes the Battle Royale game mode because that offers an entirely different experience.

There are four game modes in multiplayer, plus one mode where you are only against robots. The tips below will apply to all the game modes against humans. If you want specific tips on a specific game mode, let me know in the comments below.

  • Try every gun. When I first played COD Mobile, I found the starting gun (M4) was getting outplayed by pretty much anything. It has good range, but in close-range maps, it was always second best. I changed to the PDW (the gun you get for free by signing in for two days in a row), and I have never looked back. Yes, it has worse accuracy, but with nearly 60 bullets in the clip that often compensates for it.
  • Be difficult to shoot. As with any FPS (first-person shooter), you never want to be standing still. As soon as you are stationary, it’s easy to get shot in the head. Keep moving and even sliding if you want to win gunfights.
  • Use weapon XP cards. I found that you get these XP cards often, so use them. If you like the look of a gun, upgrade it a couple of levels and try it out with some attachments. If the gun doesn’t feel right, and you have attachments on it, then cut your losses and pick another one.
  • Learn the maps. If you are not a seasoned player of the entire Call of Duty franchise, then you are at a disadvantage. Most of the community knows every single map in this COD and has played them in multiple Call of Duty’s. Don’t run down the middle, if you don’t know a map then be cautious with your approach.
  • Think about spawns. The areas where players re-spawn are the same in every map. One team spawns at one side, the other team spawns in the opposite. Most of the time, if your team is behind you, then keep going forward to find the enemy players. If you in doubt then hold up in the middle of the map and see which way the bullets fly.
  • Be aggressive. This tip applies to any experienced mobile gamer or anyone who has played the entire COD series. Most players are terrible at this game, so you shouldn’t be afraid to run and gun. You’ll be surprised how awful some players are, and these are real players!
  • Use the knife. If you are in one of those situations where you and an enemy have collided, so you both are shooting out of panic. Take out your knife, one slash, and the spray and pray situation is over. I would recommend using the Vulture perk and a knife as your secondary weapon. This way, you will never run out of ammo and will have an instant kill weapon in your inventory.
  • Think about chokepoints. In pretty much every map in the COD series, there are several points where the teams converge. If you are unsure what I mean, just observe parts in the map where multiple members of the same team go. If you notice these points, then you can cook a grenade and aim for these spots. Experienced players will launch grenades from their spawn and catch out an overly aggressive player.

A vast amount of tips come to mind when I play COD Mobile, most of which have helped me win many gunfights. What I would say to anyone struggling is to take cover. If you are out in the open, you are a sitting duck.

If you want tips on a specific game mode, for example, the Battle Royale then let me know in the comments below.

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