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Eternity Guardians tips and tricks – how to get off to a fighting start

Eternity Guardians is a brand new action RPG with gorgeous visuals and tons of content. You play as a hero that’s half God and the other elf or human, depending on your tastes. Your goal is to defeat the Orc and Pandora (followers of the evil dragon Nidhogg) forces that are striving to conquer the world.

When you’re not saving the world and catching up on the awesome story, you can kick back and relax in PvP with or against friends, or on your own in the various challenges. These provide you with vital rewards that increase your character’s power.

But more on that later. We want to help you get off to a fighting start in Eternity Guardians, so have compiled a list of essential tips and tricks.

Go upgrade crazy

Your character’s power rating is the single most important stat in Eternity Guardians, as it dictates the content you can tackle. So we’re going to start by teaching you how to grow it.

To start with, you’ll want to keep every piece of equipment enhanced to your character level, which requires enhance stones. You can get these from campaign missions, achievement rewards, and challenge dungeons. Once you’ve unlocked the latter, do them daily.

Then there’s your skill levels, which determine the power of your skill attacks. These are upgraded with skill points, which you earn automatically. There’s a cap on how many skill points you can hold at a time though, so make sure to pop back periodically to spend them.

You’ll occasionally need skill grimoires to upgrade skills too, so make sure you regularly sweep previously completed levels to farm these. We’d recommend upgrading all of the skills on every weapon to unlock the permanent buff attached to them.

Finally, there’s pet and hero levels. Pets need feed to level up, and you can get that by doing pet paradise. Heroes on the other hand, require soulstones, obtainable by completing campaign levels on nightmare mode.

Don’t waste your gems

If you’re planning on getting by without spending a single dime, you’re going to want to spend those gems wisely. Fortunately, there’s only one place you really should be spending them – the God’s Vault.

Don’t be tempted to speed any aspect of the game up using your gems. That’s fine if you plan on regularly topping up, as you’re effectively paying to save time anyway, but if that’s not your intention, just farm everything you need according to our notes above.

Instead, use all of your gems in the God’s Vault. We’d recommend saving up for 10 draws before spending, as you effectively get one for free that way, but you’ll have to be incredibly patient.

Choose the type of box according to your needs at the time. For the most part this will likely be equipment, but don’t neglect your heroes. These not only help you in a serious bind against bosses, but are a vital defence against PvP attackers. Keep your purchases in balance until you’re happy.

Fighting fit

Eternity Guardians

Ready to fight? Good – let’s go over the basics of battle. In most instances you’ll let the game play itself, but there’s some stuff your character won’t do, like use your incredibly powerful fury skills, dodge, and unleash your pets.

That’s fine in most cases, but during the tougher battles you’re going to want to keep an eye out – particularly against bosses. Dodging is easy, just tap the dodge button when you see a red marker on the ground. That’s an indication that a powerful attack is coming, and where it will hit so make sure to dodge away from it.

Fury skills take time to build, and are best used against bosses. Simply tap the skill button when you’re near a boss and watch its health get eaten up. Finally, unleash heroes as soon as you’re near a boss to get temporary assistance.

You can download Eternity Guardians on Google Play and the App Store now.

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