Interview: The Eversoul Directors on Keeping it Fresh and Future Plans

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I had the pleasure of taking part in an exclusive email interview with the Chief Director of Eversoul, Cheol Hui Kim, and the Global Business Product Manager, Pilgu Jeon. The Q2 roadmap for the game was released not long ago, and it’s looking to be an exciting year for the gacha.

We’re big fans of Eversoul here at Droid Gamers, so we were eager to cook up a selection of questions for the interview. So, let’s delve into it.

For more information about the game, visit the official website. If you’re looking for more Eversoul content, take a look at our Eversoul codes, and our Eversoul tier list.

Our Interview with Cheol Hui Kim and Pilgu Jeon

Firstly, I wanted to find out more about the character design process. It’s no secret that gacha games feature gorgeous art and thoughtful aesthetics to keep each character unique.

Q: What is the inspiration behind each character design? It’s impressive how you manage to make each character unique!

A:  As you might be aware, the Souls in Eversoul originate from their artifacts, and generally these reflect the style/appearance of its particular Soul owner. While trying to somewhat step away from the aesthetic of the artifacts, we tried to keep our designs related to some extent. As a result of our efforts, Eversoul’s unique character designs were created.

Next, I asked them to share which parts of Eversoul they like best!

Q: As the directors of Eversoul, what are your personal favourite parts of the game?

A: I like the various ‘choices’ you encounter in many parts in the game such as conversation choices that determine the ending in Love Stories, crossroads, and treasure cards that decide your fate in battle during Dimensional Labyrinth. I believe that through these ‘choices,’ players can really feel the true experience of creating their own stories.

One of the major features of gacha games is the abundance of events that take place throughout the year. Eversoul already has a variety of successful events under its belt so far.

Q: What is the process behind planning every event? And how do you manage to keep it fresh each time?

A: First we decide on the theme most suitable for the season the event falls under, then we select the Souls accordingly. Afterward, we set out to improve upon points that were lacking in the previous events, then we produce the story that fits the seasonal event. 

What we consider to be the most important when planning events is to highlight the beauty and new look of the Souls who become the main protagonists of the event, and also the fact that the game needs to be enriched by the addition of the event. Due to the nature of character-collecting games, repetitive play can become somewhat lackadaisical, so we try to provide a diverse gameplay experience by presenting new goals through periodic events like these.

Another important aspect of video games is the soundtrack. Mobile games don’t fall short when it comes to their music, with a plethora of songs to suit the mood, whether it’s the relaxing menu screen tune or the intense beat that plays during combat.

Q: Are there any inspirations behind the brilliant soundtrack of Eversoul?

A: We try to provide theme music exclusive to each Soul in Eversoul. Since each Soul has a different culture and personality, we try to produce soundtracks in different genres and styles. We aim to make players associate the appearance and personality of the Souls with a particular theme song, and theme songs produced in this way are used mainly in Love Stories. 

Of course, the Souls may have different sides to them that are revealed in different scenarios they face, so one theme song may not be able to fully capture the character and feelings of the Souls. This is why there are cases in which certain Souls have multiple theme songs.

Lastly, I asked if there are any further updates in the works for the Town feature in Eversoul. It’s a fun part of the game that includes interacting with your favourite characters, building charming structures, and fighting off monsters.

Q: Do you plan to expand the Town gameplay in future updates? For example, new features or activities.

A: Currently, there are no plans to expand the Town gameplay beyond what it is now, but we are working to improve the inconveniences and provide a better gameplay environment. However, as the Town level increases in the future, unlocking enclosed areas or adding new buildings is something we will continue to update.

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