Interview: Flash Party Tournament Winner, Lilybunn, Reflects on the Competition

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I had the opportunity to take part in a special email interview with Twitch streamer, Lilybunn, to discuss their recent victory in the Flash Party Spring Open of 2023. The final match had us all on the edge of our seats as both Lilybunn and MJ fought tooth and nail to the last second.

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Interview with Lilybunn, the Flash Party Spring Open Winner of 2023

Firstly, I was curious about how it felt in those final 60 seconds of the intense tournament. I’ve never taken part in a competition like that, so I wanted to know how Lilybunn personally felt toward the end. 

Q: What was going through your mind during the last 60 seconds of the final match with MJ?

LilyBunn: “The ending of the last game was incredibly tense– I was at threat of dying to Seaya’s ultimate with any wrong movement or attack for the entirety of the final stock. The floor became lava and all I could really think to do was play around that one move and try to bait out the option to hopefully be able to close the game afterwards.

“The moment MJ missed the move by what seemed like just a couple of frames, my mind cleared and I grew incredibly confident in being able to take the match! There were so many moments where the result could’ve been the opposite had either of us done something even slightly different, but in the end things worked out for me.”

It’s clear to see that Lilybunn adores Flash Party. They enjoy streaming the game on Twitch, and they share clips on their Twitter page frequently! So, I wanted to find out more about what Lilybunn likes about the game itself.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about Flash Party?

Lilybunn: “The character design, for sure! I feel like the mechanics in Flash Party are mostly standard and good, but most of the characters in the game have designs and play styles that you simply can’t find anywhere else. Chilli, Alice, Derek, Seaya, Tarara, Cookie… Even characters like Tina are really unique! They’re really creative with what they do, and that creativity keeps me coming back to learn more and more about how to play all the different characters in the game.

“Foxx is looking to be pretty fun, and I hope the team continues to innovate with their next characters– I’ll always be playing as long as they do!”

Character design is a major part of video games, and Flash Party have certainly ticked all the boxes. The characters are vibrant, polished, and have tons of personality. With this in mind, I asked Lilybunn who their favourite character is – or if there’s more than one!

Q: Who’s your main character, and why?

Lilybunn: “I started the game playing Alice, but I don’t really have a main! I like to play characters I believe to be strong in any individual patch, and I practice some lesser explored characters just to learn the matchups and potentially have some characters prepared if they get buffed. My favorite characters to play overall though are Alice, Tina, Tarara, and Chilli!”

While Lilybunn may have won the tournament after a brilliant effort throughout each match, it was assuredly a period of time full of highs and lows – which is natural when it comes to competitions. 

Q: Was there ever a point during the tournament where you doubted yourself?

Lilybunn: “I honestly didn’t expect a whole lot at the start– I woke up incredibly sick for the tournament, and I even took several small naps between my sets to try to stay well rested. My headache mostly cleared at some point in the middle of top 8 somehow! It may have been due to the adrenaline? Either way, once it cleared, I felt really on point and was super confident in winning the whole tournament.”

Lastly, I asked Lilybunn to delve deeper into why they love fighting/brawler games so much. The genre isn’t for everyone, and I’ve also played my fair share of fighting games – Guilty Gear always pulls me back in after a few months. So, what does Lilybunn like the most about the genre?

Q: What do you like the most about fighting/brawler games?

Lilybunn: “I love fighting games because of how much the games breed creativity. I love a lot of different genres, but fighting games never become boring to me; things are always being learned, and the meta always develops irrespective of patches. Every single player has their own quirks on how they play the game, which makes every match feel unique.

“There’s a magical feeling to figuring out something nobody has seen yet, showing off a character previously thought to be bad, or hitting a combo that you’ve never hit before.”

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