G-Star 2023: The Five Most Exciting Android Gaming Announcements

Three games covered at G-Star 2023.

Sadly, Droid Gamers couldn’t make it over to Busan for G-Star 2023, but that hasn’t stopped us keeping a close eye out all the same. It’s doubly a shame too, given the sheer number of exciting announcements. We struggled to keep it to just five!

But, in the name of pithiness, we’ve trimmed our list down to just the most exciting announcements. Enjoy!

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin Gets An Exciting New Trailer and Screens at G-Star 2023

We’ve known about 7DS: Origins for some time, but it’s been almost a year since we last saw it in action. Thanks to G-Star 2023, that’s all changed, as we got a look at gameplay in a brand new trailer. If it’s even possible, it looks more gorgeous than the actual anime it draws inspiration from.

The character models are absolutely bang on, and the special effects are enough to make even Genshin Impact jealous. It’s clear the world’s biggest gacha is an inspiration here. Environments look insanely varied too: we see an open field, a dark mine, and a dreamy castle.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Origin will launch on iOS, Android, PC, PS5, and Xbox… eventually! Sadly, there’s no release date just yet.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – Northern War Gets a Second Trailer, Launches in 2023 on Android

Crunchyroll is currently working on an anime series for the long-running The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel JRPG games series. However, you may not know that an anime tie-in is also in the works, slated for a release on Android in Japan in 2023. No word on a global release date yet, sadly.

However, you can get a taste of the game in action by clicking on the link in the header. It’s very Honkai Star Rail in turns of its turn-based combat, but there’s a Tales-like overworld that you can explore. I saw plenty of chests to open, and even puzzles to solve.

NCSoft Announces Project BSS, a Genshin Impact-Like Gacha RPG Launching Soon on Mobile and PC

Okay, so you’ve probably switced off after reading ‘Genshin Impact-like’. I get it; we’ve reached peak Genshin Impact-like at this point. However, the party system does look a lot more like a traditional RPG here. You can fight alongside your party, rather than simply swap between them in battle.

It’s also a considerably better-looking game than Genshin (sorry, HoYoverse!), and it launches in 2024. Check out the full trailer linked in our header above.

Demis Reborn Gets a G-Star Trailer, Showing Off the Gameplay and Visuals

Demis Reborn has a pretty interesting visual style. Thanks to some nifty shading, it really does look like an anime brought to life when the characters pull off their special moves. Other than that, it kind of does just look like your standard gacha RPG fare.

Check out the full trailer above.

Breakers: Unlock the World Gets a Huge Showcase at G-Star 2023, Including An Action-Packed Gameplay Trailer

Speaking of anime brought to life, Breakers: Unlock the World also did a great job at pulling that off. We’ve seen this game a bunch of times now, so we already knew what to expect, but it was still nice to see some new combat animations and characters.

Sadly, we still don’t know when it will launch either. We’ll keep you posted.

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