Hit RPG Omniheroes Is Getting its First Season: Introducing Ashen Phantom

Omniheroes is just about to get its first season, consisting of a new storyline, new gameplay, a season-exclusive progression system, and much, much more. 

Released by developer OmniDream Games this August, Omniheroes is one of the most hotly anticipated and highly acclaimed mobile games of the year, with more than 1,000,000 downloads and around 60,000 reviews on Android alone. 

In case you missed it the first time around, Omniheroes is a casual strategy RPG that sees you summoning more than a hundred powerful heroes and sending them into battle against the forces of evil. 

That might sound familiar, but Omniheroes brings a few more goodies to the party than your average casual RPG. 

For a start, it lets you interact with your Valkyries back at Valkyrie Manor, healing their wounds, asking them questions, and generally forging bonds that make them even more effective on the battlefield. 

There’s a sophisticated synergy system, too, allowing you to combine different Valkyries and stack their battle buffs for a huge amount of tactical depth.

But you’re here to read about S0 Ashen Phantom, the first of what will certainly be many Omniheroes seasons.

All About S0 Ashen Phantom

First up, there’s a whole new storyline to enjoy. It’s called Tome of Itheron, and it sees you traversing the Eternal Gate and “unveiling the mysteries of an enigmatic new realm”. 

In practice, that means setting out with your Valkyries in search of lost relics and ancient secrets. 

In the process you’ll also meet two new heroes, Madeline and Ariana—and you’ll play a part in resolving their love-hate relationship with each other, thereby unlocking their all-important battlefield potential.

The new gameplay, meanwhile, includes a brand new roguelike mode called Chaotic Space. 

Set across three maps of varying difficulties, Chaotic Space involves selecting paths, creating lineups, and harnessing synergies in order to overcome a series of challenging stages and boss fights. 

Your goal is simply to reach the finish line in one piece, with the help of precious artefacts that impart huge combat bonuses.

The new season-exclusive progression system is called Eternal Ritual, and this is how it works. 

While you’re making a commotion in Chaotic Space or completing Main Quests you’ll steadily accrue Eternal Marks, allowing you to unlock a range of different Ritual abilities. 

These Ritual abilities enhance your heroes’ positions on the battlefield through intricate interactions, giving you a combat advantage and shaking up the action to keep you on your toes. 

As you power your way through S0 Ashen Phantom you’ll earn XP to boost your Eternal Level from 100 all the way up to 200. This, of course, enhances your attributes, which will help you no end with a variety of in-season activities. 

Naturally, leveling up also lets you earn a ton of rewards, allowing you to increase the resources at your disposal.

This gives you the best possible chance of success when you reach the Rift Odyssey, an epic confrontation that will test not only the strength of your team but also your ability to exploit your heroes’ synergies and ritual interactions. 

Finally, there’s Foggy Colosseum, which sees the top 128 players in Nightmare difficulty from each zone taking on World Bosses for generous rewards throughout the season. 

Don’t worry—if you don’t make it into the feted 128, you can still win summon tickets and double your diamond rewards by watching these battles and making predictions on the outcome. 

S0 Ashen Phantom kicks off on November 17th, so download Omniheroes for free right now on the App Store or the Google Play Store to join the party – just click here.

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