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Free 4-Star Character Available in Honkai Star Rail 1.2

feature image for our honkai star rail 1.2 free character news, the image features official promo art for the upcoming version of the game, which includes a collage of characters such as Jing Yuan, Dan Heng, Trailblazer, March 7th, Welt, and a large drawing of a new boss who is resting her chin on her hand while she smirks

Honkai Star Rail 1.2 is filled to the brim with brand-new content for players. From a free character (Yukong to be exact), new main story quests, and more, fans of Star Rail will be busy over the next few weeks.

For more information about the game, visit the official website or download Honkai Star Rail on Google Play.

When is 1.2 Out?

1.2 will grace our screens on July 19, 2023. While we don’t advise rushing through content as soon as it releases, a lot of exciting stuff is coming up in the latest version of the game. 

More On the Free Character…

In terms of the free character, players can obtain a copy of Yukong by playing through the newest Forgotten Hall update. While we don’t know precisely what this entails, it does mean that players will need to upgrade their characters to take part in the challenging game mode.

What Else is New?

In fact, 1.2 is the first update to bring brand-new main story quests to the game since its launch. Furthermore, we can learn more about Yukong and Kafka through their upcoming Companion Quests. 

Not only that, but we also get to battle against a plethora of new bosses such as Yanqing, Malefic Ape, and the Ascended. Additionally, there is going to be a new weekly boss called Vantelia who will drop upgrade materials for Luke, Blade, and Kafka.

Which Characters Are On the 1.2 Banners?

Once 1.2 rolls around, players can obtain a total of 10 Special Star Rail passes for free by logging in for 7 days thanks to the special 1.2 Login Event. This ties into the character banners that will be available during this version of the game – let’s take a closer look at who you can obtain!

First Banner Phase

  • Blade – 5 Star (New!)
  • Arlan – 4 Star
  • Sushang  – 4 Star
  • Natasha  – 4 Star

Second Banner Phase

  • Kafka – 5 Star (New!)
  • Luka – 4 Star (New!)
  • Serval  – 4 Star
  • Sampo – 4 Star

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