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Player1games Adds Android to its Formidable Arsenal – The Full Lowdown 

It’s fairly unusual in this day and age to find an enjoyable mobile game that’s available on one of the two main platforms but not the other. 

Whether you’re an iOS enthusiast or an Android aficionado, you don’t normally have to miss out on the good stuff.

The big exception to that rule over the last few years has been player1games’s diverse and polished library of mobile titles, which includes puzzlers, platformers, educational apps, arcade games, and more. 

Player1games have now brought both Monkey Swingers and its sequel to the Google Play Store though, along with several titles from the Linguist and Blokshot series.

If you’re a longtime Android gamer, it’s possible that you’ve never come across the studio’s work before. 

Read on as we give the lowdown on the titles that have already made the leap from the App Store to the Play Store, and the ones that will be joining them in the near future. 

The Story So Far

At the time of writing, The Linguist, The Linguist: Word Craft, Blokshot Evolution, Blokshot EVILution, Blokshot Christmas, Monkey Swingers, Monkey Swingers 2, and Vicious Varmints are now available on the Google Play Store. 

The Linguist is a challenging word game that sees you making as many anagrams as possible from a selection of letters, and then placing these words in a series of intersecting rows and columns. It’s simple, addictive, and beautifully presented. 

The Linguist: Word Craft is a clever follow-up that takes the series in a new direction, challenging you to find as many words as possible from a grid of random letters.

Together they make up a fantastic mini word game collection, and you can download them both for free on Android. They offer a challenge that’s very different to the likes of Wordle, and dare we say it – they’re a lot more interesting.

If that wasn’t enough, every month the apps will change visually along with the seasons – and other special occasions. There are specific words that trigger special effects too, making this a game you’ll want to return to daily.

Then there are the Monkey Swingers games. You probably don’t need us to tell you what happens in these ones, but we will anyway.

The aim in Monkey Swingers is to swing upwards from branch to branch, trying to get as high as possible while collecting bananas, avoiding obstacles, and showing off the costumes you collect. 

Monkey Swingers 2 ups the ante considerably by sending our little simian hero into space. 

Blokshot Evolution is a classic neon-drenched skill-based arcade game in which the goal is to blast geometric shapes, collect power-ups, and score as many points as you possibly can. 

There’s a multiplayer component, too, as you go head to head with your friends for ultimate arcade bragging rights. 

Blokshot EVILution is a Halloween-themed spin-off, and you don’t need us to tell you which holiday Blokshot Christmas is themed around. 

Finally on the Google Play Store there’s Vicious Varmints, a casual arcade game that’s all about pest control. 

A series of vermin-infested foods are rotating on a bike wheel, and you have to shoot them down. This involves timing your shots in order to take out the critters as they pass across your fixed line of sight. It’s lots of fun, and hilarious. 

So that’s eight excellent, totally free Android games to get your teeth into, with plenty more to come.

Coming Soon

Among the games currently being ported to Google’s platform are the awesome Mathletix educational titles and Frak Attack, a fun tower defense game that sees you shooting down aliens with powerful weapons systems and building up your town. 

Then there’s Gridlinx, a cleverly presented grid-based puzzler that tasks you with building chains of matching tiles on a screen that looks like a ‘70s calculator. 

FrakOWeen is a slightly bonkers top-down autorunner that sees you steering a course through a succession of creepy neighborhoods collecting candy. ReindeerRunRun and Easter Eggs Escape are more wholesome takes on the same “collect stuff” concept.

All in all, this library of casual games represents countless hours of fun, and player1games is working hard to bring the whole lot to Android.

Keep your eyes on the Google Play Store for the next drop, and you can find the Player1games Google Play page right here.

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