Seven KEMCO RPGs are up to 50% off for a Limited Time

If you are a big fan of KEMCO or just RPGs in general, then I have the perfect sale for you. Seven KEMCO titles are up to 50% off on Google Play for an entire week. Looks like it’s time to grab a bargain before it’s too late!

RPG Grinsia – Was $7.99 / Now $3.99

Grinsia is the story of a family of treasure hunters on the search for recently discovered ancient ruins. Gameplay looks old-school and more like a traditional RPG where you can choose who is in your squad for each mission. Each character reacts to an event in a different way, making some characters good for certain types of missions. There are still six more games to get through in this list, but we have started off strong.

Legend of the Tetrarchs – Was $8.99/ Now $4.99

Legend of the Tetrarchs is another full-fledged RPG but with more fantasy elements. Someone has removed the holy sword that sealed away dark and deadly powers, causing people to mutate into monsters. In this turn-based RPG, you can command up to 10 allies to outwit and overcome the enemy.

Dimension Cross – Was $8.99/ Now $4.99

Dimension Cross tells the story of Kyle and his crew, who are aboard the newest type of spaceship mankind has built. Their mission was to further expand the sphere of humankind when they discover high tech developments on a random planet. The inhabitants have been captured, and an ally is up to no good. Can you figure out what is happening on this planet?

Seek Hearts – Now $7.99/ Now $3.99

A self-aware android has questions about his past, why was he created and by whom? Izen sets out on a journey to find out about his origin, but he can’t do it alone. Join up with a variety of allies along the way, each oh which has their own story to tell and with their own questions to answer.

Alvastia Chronicles – Was $7.99/ Now $3.99

Alvastia Chronicles is a retro-styled RPG with over 100 companions to choose from. The story is about Alan and Elmia, two orphans desperate to avenge their parent’s deaths. But that’s not all, there are hordes of monsters flooding the world. Can you defeat the armies of evil and save the world from disaster?

Heirs of the Kings – Was $7.99/ Now $3.99

Heirs of the Kings tell the tale of Laura, who has lost her memories and Grant, who decides it his duty to protect her. Grant’s father knows something about this mystery, but it’s up to you to save the world from danger.

Wizards of Brandel – Was $7.99/ Now $3.99

Wizards of Brandel is not as serious as the other RPGs in the list. You start off the story with your house being repossessed because you didn’t make this month’s payment. This makes you take up refuge in the home of a wanted sorcerer for free. If that’s not weird enough, you team up with a swordsman with no sense of direction and a demon girl who shrivels up if she doesn’t drink enough water.

If any of the games listed above interest you, then click the title of the game to grab a copy from the Google Play Store.

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