Why Sony is so wrong that Fortnite plays best on PS4

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Sony opened up a can of worms today by claiming that Fortnite isn’t cross compatible on PS4 because that platform offers the best way to play.

Just take a moment to digest that for a second. Doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny, does it?

But before we move onto that, first a history lesson. Fortnite is currently available on every single current-gen platform. That includes PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and even iOS and Android. A smart fridge could probably run it.

It’s also cross compatible with every single platform other than PS4. To put that simply, you can play with your friends no matter their platform, providing you’re not on PS4. That’s limited to PS4 only.

When this first came out, it sparked outrage. Why would PS4 be the only platform that doesn’t allow you to play with your friends on other platforms?

Well, Sony finally has an answer – because it plays best on PS4. That’s an absolutely ludicrous suggestion that insults the intelligence of gamers everywhere.

Sony’s claim that Fortnite plays best on PS4 is ludicrous

You can totally make the claims that mobile isn’t the best way to play Fortnite. We’ve got less power to play with, have to contend with virtual controls, and battery life or internet troubles can mess up a game.

Include the ability to play in 4K and that rules the Switch out too, but we still have the Xbox One X and PC in the mix. Xbox One X offers an identical experience.

Really, PC offers the best way to play Fortnite – sorry Android! Those with a high end PC have by far the nicest visuals, the best performance, AND the option to play with a controller or mouse and board.

Most serious gamers will opt for the latter, of course, but the option’s still nice. Add in the fact that they can play with friends on any platform bar PS4 and you’ve got a winner on your hands.

Sony, you may well just have shot yourselves in the foot come next generation, and you’ve only got your own arrogance to blame. In a world where cross compatibility is becoming the norm, you’ve just left yourself in the dust.

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